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  1. BlackIronMan5

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Looking for a shiny Sableye or Squirtle.
  2. Sounds great man will be contacting you soon.
  3. BlackIronMan5

    Universal BIG Trade -

    Cheapest One?
  4. BlackIronMan5

    Giveaway Quick Giveaway (Ended)

    Thank you amigo. Could you do mine for the Pancham I have up for trade. I also messaged you in game as well
  5. BlackIronMan5

    Universal [Closed] Espoor's Rare Pokemon Shop! [Closed]

    aww its okay ill check out your other pokemon. But if you happen to get one please let me know!
  6. BlackIronMan5

    Universal [Closed] Espoor's Rare Pokemon Shop! [Closed]

    Hey amigo, do you have a snorelax? Ill be willing to trade or pay. Just DM me. and check out my pokemon ING:BlackIronman5
  7. BlackIronMan5

    Giveaway Quick Giveaway (Ended)

    ING: BlackIronMan5 Number: 9 Congrats amigo!
  8. BlackIronMan5

    Archive Suggestions *PLEASE LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS*

    This is genius. I really like this idea, because I have not encountered any legendaries lol
  9. BlackIronMan5

    General Which Event u want on New Year Event 2k18

    Yeah I agree. I need some more legendaries!