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  1. Understandable thanks for responding.
  2. Did you contact Patrick or Moderator. They may be able to assist you.
  3. Weird amigo I see the same thing as CraazyGirl
  4. Street Fighter Online SFO Check it out man its pretty cool
  5. Message me in game or on discord. I have a couple of legendaries. ING:BlackIronman5
  6. Thanks for the information will do.
  7. Hey amigo any limitations on what type of pokemon you train or you can do any type?
  8. I like the idea. I think it would create more development and dedication from the players and probably bring more people to play.
  9. Thanks for the explanation. It makes it helpful when deciding on developing Pokémon teams.
  10. Hey family, I play another online game and what they are doing to implement more participation is allowing players to earn bitcoin for every match they win. Of course there is date when member will have the option to cash out their earnings. My question is will that ever be implemented into our platform? I guess this is a question for the staff, but any member feel free to chime in.
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