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  1. Donell Jones-You Know Whats Up
  2. Writing My new book!

    I really like this one amigo please keep them coming.
  3. Game Type With You Eyes Closed

    toiodidmai lol Type this: I love to much chocolate
  4. Writing My new book!

    I really like this. Might need to order a hard copy amigo!
  5. Art Briar's Digital Art [IMG Heavy]

    Man this is really nice amigo. Please keep posting these!
  6. 311- Come Original
  7. Game Would you rather?

    Die falling from an Aeroplane. Would you rather have your butthole sewd up and someone keeps feeding you or have someone put a steel hanger on a stove and let it get hot then they stick up your butthole? All my hip hop fans will love this one lol
  8. Discussion Pokebay and Trade Rates

    Lol the common Pokémon price is funny
  9. Giveaway Quick Giveaway (Ended)

    Thank you amigo. Could you do mine for the Pancham I have up for trade. I also messaged you in game as well
  10. Universal [CLOSED] Espoor's Rare Pokemon Shop! [CLOSED]

    aww its okay ill check out your other pokemon. But if you happen to get one please let me know!
  11. Universal [CLOSED] Espoor's Rare Pokemon Shop! [CLOSED]

    Hey amigo, do you have a snorelax? Ill be willing to trade or pay. Just DM me. and check out my pokemon ING:BlackIronman5
  12. Other Red_Viper's Pokemon Hunts

    Would you hunt for a snorelax?
  13. Giveaway Quick Giveaway (Ended)

    ING: BlackIronMan5 Number: 9 Congrats amigo!
  14. Game Count to 1 billion!