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    Idea Ideas

    Love your input and opinion on my ideas, I also agree with the fact that you said not to capture megas that you find in the public. Not that it came to mind when i wrote the post, I just want the megas to be a challenge. Secondly, Im glad to hear you agree with my idea based on adding a new map, I didn;t even think forest or dessert. So thanks for your response.
  2. BaBass2469

    Idea Ideas

    Idea 1: Bug + steel map Its does't have to be steel or Bug together or even them types at all, but I feel like it would be a great idea to add a new map that has new some pokemon in it and has a cool looking area. Its a long shot considering creating another map would be a big deal to the game, but its an idea that I think would be cool :D. Idea 2: Mega Bosses I think we should be able to encounter mega pokemon in the maps and when you do you have a chance for the pokemon to drop an item, something random nothing fancy unless you decide that but imagine going in the maps and finding a mega pokemon to battle :D. Its a strange request but mega pokemon in the public would be a nice addition to pokemon vortex. Idea 3: Multiplayer Live Battles? I know this is a long shot, and it sounds ridiculous, but if its possible that would be incredible. Idea 4: Side Quests I have a issue, I know that side quests are meant to last hours and days, but for someone who hasn't got the time for this is there a way we can make this go faster for some people like myself? Like a button thats called Auto or something, its a long shot again but I would love it if side quests were quicker haha nevermind... this was a silly idea. Anyways thats my 4 ideas, hopfully Patrick is reading this, and I hope he loves my ideas (mainly 1 + 2) thanks for reading.