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  1. anarchist

    Giveaway giveway

    IGN : GhostlyPresence Fav Pokemon : Mewtwo Number : 66
  2. anarchist

    Other black panther

    Wakanda Forever! 90/100
  3. anarchist

    Contest Shadow Rotom (Cut) Giveaway

    Ign : Ghostlypresence
  4. IGN : ghostlyPresence Pokemon song : theme song Clan : Anti Works Rank : Leader
  5. A lot more to notch up in real life ign : Ghostlypresence gl mate have funn
  6. anarchist

    Experience Echo's Arceus Form exp shop!

    Rates are messed up imo
  7. anarchist

    Resolved Rockruff bug

    logout, login and try again
  8. GhostlyPresence Good luck everyone and thanks brother
  9. anarchist

    Contest The nickname game!

    ---> ManiacHero
  10. anarchist

    Giveaway Scarface generous giveaway #1

    Congratzzz mate!! Thank-you everyone for participating! until next time, sayonara!
  11. Well i have made 10Mill so far on my Wbu guys?
  12. he asked what i was thinking so i said that