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  1. Experience Echo's Arceus Form exp shop!

    Rates are messed up imo
  2. Bug Rockruff bug

    logout, login and try again
  3. GhostlyPresence Good luck everyone and thanks brother
  4. Contest The nickname game!

    ---> ManiacHero
  5. Giveaway Scarface generous giveaway #1

    Congratzzz mate!! Thank-you everyone for participating! until next time, sayonara!
  6. Well i have made 10Mill so far on my Wbu guys?
  7. he asked what i was thinking so i said that
  8. Contest Poryboi's X-Mas Auction Contest

    Innovative one! The will go for 5 Mill IGN : GhostlyPresence
  9. Uniques Vivillon Trade Thread

    My type
  10. Answered Seasonal Top Trainers

    Every battle you do! it counts!
  11. Answered Quick doubt

    Rotom forms can be obtained from mystery boxes purchased from store or from someone selling at pokebay! for the rarity! Hope this helps!
  12. Hey Peeps! I'm Giving away a Post your ign and your fav song (English Only!) Merry Christmas!