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  1. 1. Ive noticed that some pokemons doesnt have right colour of type when you check your all pokemons Here is an example: Might be that this is not a bug but some pokemons has wrong code colour. (looks like Fight type is wrong) Its nothing super important but still... 2. Some pokemons doesnt have pokeball icon when you find it in wild. As we all know they usually do have it when you already have it and you find it once again. I noticed it on two pokemons- Latias and Latios. I know 100% and i did check after aswell that I already have them but when i found another one of each in wild, neither of them had this icon. Hope it helps to improve the P.V. Best Regards, Reinako ^.^
  2. Reinako

    Fixed Catch Pokemon Error

    please fix this as soon as its possible. I am being triggered already. I am catching pokemons by making them weaker first and then use ultra ball and ive killed few legendaries already.. this is seriously demotivating.