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  1. Eeveelutions8

    General Clan EeveeLovers

    Hello everyone! i know I have been a bit inactive for some time but now I’m back. I made this topic to ask people to join my clan, because there are many opportunities for co leader and elitest. Our clan is 32nd in the leaderboard and you can just comment your ign here and I will invite you. We even have a discord server, which I will invite you to. The rewards for joining our clan are that if you are an active member, the person with the most clan battles gets a legendary Pokemon every month. So I’m waiting for comments.
  2. Eeveelutions8

    Game Count to 1 billion!

  3. Eeveelutions8

    Game Ban the person above you

    Banned for using a emoji
  4. Eeveelutions8

    Contest Shiny Arceus (Unknown) Giveaway

    We’ll miss you... I hope to see you guys again on pv some time. Ign eeveelutions8
  5. Eeveelutions8

    Answered Permission to mention vortex in my website

    also can I put some pictures like the picture of starting screen and stuff in the intro? I haven't added anything right now, and i'm waiting for permission. Thanks btw.
  6. Eeveelutions8

    Answered Permission to mention vortex in my website

    Thanks. Well, sure but it doesn't really have much stuff. I'll pm you the link. I wont put anything bad about pv , I'll only put stuff like tutorials, a giveaway, maybe etc. It's about pokemon, only. Well anyway, thanks.
  7. Eeveelutions8

    Game Ban the person above you

    Banned for banning me
  8. Eeveelutions8

    Game Keep One, Change One

    blue sky
  9. hello. I wanted to ask @Patrick whether I could put some stuff about pokemon vortex on my website. I'll only mention some stuff about vortex and i'll put a link to it. I didn't want to do it without asking for permission, so please reply. I hope you will allow me. Thanks.
  10. Hey everyone! If you want to join the EeveeLovers Discord server even if you aren't in EeveeLovers, here's a link.

    If you are in EeveeLoves, pm me in discord - Nebby#3721 or here to join.

  11. Eeveelutions8

    Idea Clan message to all members

    Hey so my idea was that we could make a new feature in the clans so that the leader/co leaders could message all the clan members at once. This would help a lot when giving some info related to the clan to all the members, like if we are changing some posts of people, or we are encouraging members to do clan battles etc. I faced this problem when we were making a discord server for our clan and I would have to message everyone one by one, sending them the invite. This feature would help a lot, and it would be a lot easier too. thanks.
  12. Eeveelutions8

    Giveaway Begginers Giveaway!

    hey everyone, sorry for being late but here are the pokemon you won- @loligals- @Ash1667- @pokemonfansclub- @Minson Soh- You have started at November so you are not a beginner sorry. @nonie22- @sKyCool93 pm me to get pokemon the rest of the list i'll post in a minute
  13. Eeveelutions8

    Universal Xp training jobs

    hey @IKmaster100 I need some quick exp. how much do you train for rares, unique rares, leggies and unique leggies?
  14. Eeveelutions8

    Game Count to 1 billion!

  15. my new book is here! 

    pokemon journeys-3

    I hope you like it!

    1. Auke1993


      I still haven't read past episode 1.
      Too many things came up.

    2. Eeveelutions8


      no problem! I still hope you like it...:;):