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  1. You need to fill your Party with Pokemon you have caught. (Fill the "?" slots). You currently need to catch 3 more Pokemon before you can altar your party with Pokemon you buy from the auction house.
  2. This is already a topic that has been discussed. Please read and follow the forum post below.
  4. Just wanted to confirm that it was indeed the amount of Pokemon I had. I am now at 600 pages and there is 0 lag time.
  5. Hello Chris. I would like - Dark Bulbasaur, Shadow unown 1, shiny charmander, and shiny pheromosa I have Dark Rayquaza, dark eevee, metallic pichu, mystic larvitar, mystic porygon, shadow riolu, shiny porygon, and dark buzzwole from your needed list. Please respond to your messages to further discuss. (Discord prefered though)
  6. Yes. You dont have 6 pokemon that you have caught to fill your "?" slots. Once you have filled those "?" spaces, you will be able to modify your party
  7. I am in the slow process of "Catching Them All!". Also I have a stock load of immune lvl 6 pokemon for the future So uhhh. Do I just have too many Pokemon
  8. Whenever I search for a Pokemon it takes 30+ seconds for the search to complete and lags everything else I do with the game on other tabs (Map searching, Auctions, etc.) I am wondering if this is a bug affecting others OR if I just have too many Pokemon now and the game isnt keeping up (700 pgs. RN)
  9. Shiny Mewtwo or Groudon Please
  10. Yeah sounds good to me. Its in my trades
  11. If you haven't looked at "My Trades" in a couple days. Its stocked with a lot more unique starters, rares, and legendaries. As well as since I am finally done with a 9mil exp job. I am available to do more exp jobs for the "Needed Pokemon"
  12. Yeah its fine. would you offer it on my trades? IGN: Thebedpotato
  13. Would you trade your metallic Horsea for a Normal Yveltal?
  14. Your account must be on sidequest # 1176 1177 1178 1179 1421 1422 1423 1424 1425 1426 1427 1428 1429 1587 1588 1589 1850 1851 1852 1853 1854 1855 1856 1857 1858 1859
  15. either you didnt win. OR its in your pokedex (Hover your mouse over "Your Account", click view all pokemon, and find it in their). If you truly won. You can prove it and take a screen shot of your purchase. Go to the auction and click on "Purchases". And if you did win prove it isnt in your box.
  16. Sorry But the account you are messaging me from has nothing I need
  17. I dont have that code right now. As for what i want in return. Im sure there is a list on here somewhere of what i "need".
  18. @Patrick Can we get a toggle Legendaries off button now
  19. No. That would make Unique Pokemon less rare and too easy to finish the dex
  20. Lets do it! I have the pokemon in my trades rn
  21. Updated Today. Willing to do EXP Training for the Needed Pokemon
  22. Go to the store and buy it. Or trade for it. Or buy it from the auction house
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