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  1. Hello thanks for replying, i took a screenshot here which shows one of the Arceus Ice i had no longer has an owner blob:chrome-untrusted://media-app/b519c069-42ec-4568-8b08-4fa23b09649f
  2. Hello, 2-3 years ago i played had obtained a few Arceus ice during the events for it, and i even spent most of my money investing on them because they were limited. But now when i log in after a few years, they are no longer owned by anyone? They aren't in my inventory nor have any owner which makes me wonder, where are they gone??
  3. I was looking through the Pokémon location guide and there were Altoona Pokémon. It said where, but not rarity or what it was, just Alolan. Is there any special way because I was at the location but couldn’t find it after a long time. <——this
  4. I’m wondering how u guys manage to get rich so fast, if you aren’t rich yourself ( like me ) then use these helpful comments ( I hope there will be comments )
  5. IGN = Howie9983 i <3 ppl who giveaway my Avatar is a Swablu
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