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  1. Universal Buying/Trading For EXP *Updated

    1.75m - 2m. Its uft on God_v2 First offer with that exp can have it.
  2. Universal Buying/Trading For EXP *Updated

    3.5m on a single mon, 4m if its broken up on 2 different mons. *also depends what pokemon its on
  3. It's already possible. Click on "Added" button when you search for a certain pokemon and it will sort the pokemon from the most recently added, to the oldest. As for seeing if the member is online, you can just click on their name and view their profile.
  4. Universal Buying/Trading For EXP *Updated

    Offered, Thank you!
  5. Universal Buying/Trading For EXP *Updated

    sold for 5.4m exp, but I will give you the andfor the metagross
  6. Hello everyone, So i think that if you accidentally press the "Bid" button on a pokebay auction, it should not automatically bid the "Recommended amount". I already owned 2 Shadow Rotom (Spin), saw one with a starting price of 10,000,000 and wanted to watch it to see if it sold. I accidentally pressed "Bid" instead of "Watch" and now lost 50% of my money for something i never wanted lol. I know there nothing to do for me, however i do see it as something to consider for the future.
  7. Universal Buying/Trading For EXP *Updated

    How long does this offer stand? Let me think about it. What Pokemon is it on? I would probably offer and. OR 3 pokeballs of your choice. However you must be able to afford to buy the balls legit on pokebay (I will offer the same amount of something worthless you can post on there.) Is it broken or all on one Mon. I need a little more context.
  8. Universal Buying/Trading For EXP *Updated

    Depends on what Pokemon the exp is on, or if it's broken up between different Pokemon, but around 1.1 -1.4mil each for the mystic or shadow and 1.5 or more for the shiny cut. But I'm still open to offers of any kind. I can compensate with money for extra exp and vice versa.
  9. Experience FireDemon (DS) Exp Shop (20 Jobs Done)

    How much do you train for unique rotom forms? I have x 2 and x2
  10. Universal Buying/Trading For EXP *Updated

    I will accept anything with at least 200,000. But the amount of exp on a single pokemon will affect my offer.
  11. Looking to buy/ trade for EXP. I may be open to other trades. You can offer or just tell me what you have and if you prefer pokemoney or pokemon. I have tons of uniques as well, Check my in-game name: God_v2 LEGENDS: Special: I also have uniques, Check my IGN: God_v2
  12. Experience experience shop

    Shadow rotom spin for the rayquaza?