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  1. Man, Stop spamming this forum. Read the posts above, and then don't reply.
  2. @VITOL @cosmos5 @Minson Soh @waybig @ABonet I am tagging all the winners. You have 48 hours to claim. If it remains unclaimed I will repackage/ unbox the code to generate a new code and choose a new winner.
  3. Here Are The Winners IGN: Minson: Volcanion Promotion Code IGN: Vitol: Metallic Zubat (Halloween) Code IGNL Cosmos5: Floette (Eternal) Promotion Code IGN: Abonet: Zubat (Halloween) Promotion Code IGN: Waybig:Zubat (Halloween) Promotion Code Congratulations to the winners! I will send the codes from my IGN Wasted shortly. Thank you to everyone for contributing to this give away and always remember to help out others. Note: Edited as I originally spelled 'Cosmos5' as 'Cosmo5'
  4. The give away is now closed. I will announce the winners shortly.
  5. About 22 more hours until i announce the winners!!
  6. Nope. We are way too far apart to make a deal.
  7. I am hosting a give away just because. First Prize: Volcanion Promotion Code Second Prize: Metallic Zubat (Halloween) Code Third Prize : Floette (Eternal) Code Fourth and Fifth Prize: Zubat Halloween Code -------—-----—------—-----—--—------— All winners will be randomly chosen. TO ENTER: Leave your ign (your account must have beeb made before Nov. 10th, one entrry only please) and a brief story about a time you helped a stanger for no reason at all. (Your story gives you no edge in winning.) Winners will be selected in roughly 72 hours. Spread the love everyone.
  8. Im definitely interested in your exp. Make an offer.
  9. I would say shiny floette codes are like 10-15m pokedollars. For zubat Halloween Normal: 750,000exp Dark:2,500,000 exp Mystic: 2,500,000 exp Metallic 2,500,000exp Shiny:3,250,000exp Shadow: 3,000,000
  10. Hey sorry I'm not really interested in cosmogs, there's too many being introduced to the game.
  11. My and for your 2 and Note: Please keep it to just one comment please.
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