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  1. Universal Community Trading Thread

    16 mill
  2. Report hopeless case

    "Naber" means "whats up?" in Turkish, and multiple accounts allowed in vortex. He/she is just a kid.
  3. Experience EverythinkIsSale4EXP wShop

    6 mill xp
  4. Experience EverythinkIsSale4EXP wShop

    Shadow rotomween + arceus ice + dark pikamass + togepi + kyrurem black + kyurem white + caterpie chrismass
  5. Experience EverythinkIsSale4EXP wShop

    Shiny: 6mill Shadow: 5mill Normal: 8mill Only exp bro
  6. Experience EverythinkIsSale4EXP wShop

    Sorry mate only trade xp
  7. Universal Community Trading Thread

    i mean Giratina origin has 59,000 exp. You tell the offer for it
  8. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading ; - - - Looking for XP
  9. Hello vortexers, i want to trade/sell every pokemons that i have for EXP. I have almost every normal/unique Legendaries, a lot of Events, also donataion pokemons. Prices can be change because of rarity. Feel free to offer and i can think about your offer. Donations -> with 16 mill xp LEGENDARIES: + many mores. Check my account: whok EVENTS: x6 ->with 3mill xp +many mores. Check my account: whok You can check my account for others. Ill update pokemons daily, dm me ingame or here for others.
  10. Nothing because of quick bid spamers...
  11. Answered Arceus (Unknown)

    Patrick said there will be event in the future but even he doesnt know when it happens
  12. Answered Vortex Store

    Patrick will send you promo code when he will be online, i think.
  13. Answered About Mewtwo (Armor)

    Hi everyone, i just wanna ask which skill setup is best for Shiny Mewtwo (Armor). He is not powerfull as other donations or even legendaries. Currently use Psyhic Giga impact Iron tail Aura Sphere