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  1. MB.Rua

    Contest Shadow Rotom (Cut) Giveaway

    IGN : mb_rua
  2. MB.Rua

    Experience Pokemon Exp shop!

    Is it open cas noo reply from u ...
  3. MB.Rua

    Universal Hunting Pokemon Jobs!

  4. Buddy don't do that.......plz don't go...stay, things gonna be fine... I don't want tht unknown ,I want u to stay in the game.. IGN: meluash
  5. MB.Rua

    Universal Hunting Pokemon Jobs!

    Ok bro ..then *1
  6. MB.Rua

    Universal Hunting Pokemon Jobs!

    6 unique leggies fr it ...
  7. MB.Rua

    Universal Hunting Pokemon Jobs!

    2-shiny Arceus Ign : mb_rua
  8. MB.Rua


    Ign : mb_rua
  9. MB.Rua

    Report Abusing

    Ok I have the screenshot .... Nd I blocked him the nxt sec itself ......
  10. MB.Rua

    Experience EXP Training And Trading Shop UPDATED *

    train 10m exp Will giv 20 normal leggies+ 5unique leggies + rotom cut + 1.5m pokedollor
  11. MB.Rua

    Report Abusing

    i asked him fr a trade ...he was blabbering...I tried explaining him .. he repeatedly kept using a word motherf****** .... I tld him to mind his words ...he posting complain on me ... his ign: Deepimpact
  12. MB.Rua

    Giveaway Giveaway

    Ign: aathi214