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  1. until

    @Patrick so the special event's stoped ? now are the october but still not open last event from september. so when can it be expected something event ?
  2. until

    agian blaze ?
  3. TomulisciaLT

    Run, Therian, run!


    unova region are 10?
  4. hey patrick i have a problem the moderator Tyheamma was kicked me form discord and blocek and i not can any more in the pk v4 server on discord his kicked me because i was say " fk u off ok" i was say that when his call me ass his was say "Tom(ass) like nature " my nick are Tomass so think so his not can kicked me from the chanel on discord when i was say the fk off when his called me ass its really not fair. can u do something?

  5. maybe who knows how much it is necessary to pass that would be Mount Lanakila?
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