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    Genesect is still trash. 


    that is all.

  2. ight, whose got Shadow/Shiny Volcanions and is willing to trade for some nice exp training services? where y'all at. 



    Shadow VolcanionShiny Volcanion:x:x

  3. Foaming

    Giveaway The CiTiZeN's Giveaway #3 (Deoxys Form)

    eurstin. Sexy lady, queen of Budews and poor elitist... pls be my girlfriend. 23,570,556 IGN: Foaming good looks on the giveaway.
  4. Foaming

    Answered High Experience Pokemon

    Sacrifice your soul and becoming an exp trainer.
  5. Foaming

    Resolved Team Glitch

    This happened to me. Put the Metallic Budew back into your team. It's the Pokemon that is appearing on your team but is missing from the lineup when I go to the battle tab. That might offset whatever happened.
  6. Bellsproutwould beat up Buzzwole in a fight and it's not even close. 

    1. eurstin


      It's pronounced Budew

  7. Foaming

    Both auction cancelation

    Once you start an auction, it will run until the end of its duration. You cannot cancel it. But with a price like that, it will attract a lot of attention and you can still earn a decent amount.
  8. dang. IGN; Foaming
  9. Stay tuned for the next one...

  10. So I'm trying to manage my team and move Pokemon in and out of my line up to train but the 6 slot is blank and there's nothing there. When I go to the "Change Team" settings, there's only 5 Pokemon on the right hand side. And then, when I open the Members tab to view my own profile, there's a random Diglett in the 3rd slot. Any way around this glitch? I've signed in and out three times and have tried moving multiple Pokemon but nothing is working. Any help? IGN: Foaming Thanks. Fixed.
  11. so if someone's account is banned but they have auctions still running, where does the money go?

    1. Polaris


      The Shadow Realm