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    Uniques ☆ Alys' Shop ☆

    Yup, all seems great to me! Offered on them as well. Thanks!
  2. Forev

    Uniques ☆ Alys' Shop ☆

    Hello! Im interested in these shinies: Do you mind checking out my forum shop to see if there's anything that interests you? Thanks! https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/topic/16574-rejects-trading-shop/
  3. @Henkkaliini Sure! will be UFT on Reject-
  4. @SpikedCaraspace, Sure! The will be UFT on Reject- . Please offer on it! @Ghostbread yup! Please put the on trade and lmk your ign and I’ll offer on it!
  5. @okt08 and are gone. The other 3 are still available. Is , and alright for the other 3? They will be UFT on Reject- Already accepted! Thank you!
  6. @Bandeide yup, thats fine. Am currently out rn, they will be UFT on Reject- in abit. Do offer on them!
  7. As mentioned in the title, I'm trading all my dupe uniques/leggies in hopes to get closer to completing my Shiny Dex. IGN: Reject- WHAT I HAVE FOR TRADES: Uniques: Legendaries: My Wishlist: Rates: 1 of wishlist shiny = 2-3 non-shiny uniques from my list 1 of wishlist shiny = 1 shiny unique from my list 4 of wishlist shiny = 1 normal Legendary from my list 1 wishlist shiny starter/ = 3 shiny uniques from my list / 9 non-shiny uniques from my list Thank you very much ~ Updates will be made daily
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