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  1. Your idea is pretty in my opinion the players who managed to into the top 10 but failed to reach the top 5 do feel terribly unrewarded. But your idea could use a few tweaks, them being the 'season coins' (as I've decided to call them) should be spent in an actual in game shop instead of a discord shop like the quiz coins since as @HDDaksh said people who are banned/kicked/not present in the discord wont have a way of spending their season coins and i also think that the rates should be looked into a bit more. And as for the players who grind up a ton of immunities for exp should'nt be deterred in the way that you've suggested i.e. 'exp trained on a pokemon should be counted only for the pokemon the player catches THAT season' since other players like grinding exp on pokemons that they've obtained long ago, instead I think that this can be stopped by not considering the exp trained on dupes for seasonal rankings, but then players will put up dupes for trade and repeat the same cycle again. so a good way to stop that would be that once a certain pokemon of a player gains a certain amount of exp (say 10k) that pokemon shall be considered the 'original' and now if this pokemon is put up for trade or traded away or released you can't earn exp for seasonals through 'dupes' of the 'original' this forces players to grind exp on certain pokemon only and they cannot hoard hundreds of immunities to 'prepare' for the season as there are only a few unique immunities. let me know what you think! overall, i think it's a solid idea
  2. now i OFFICIALLY am sans 

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      heheh the old whoopee cushion in the hand trick

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      Human, turn around....and shake my hand.


      You shall be judged


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      I'm going to Grillby's

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      I am but I ain't defeated kiddo .... I just am the "take it easy type" 
      (message from neor pls don't use genocide)

  3. Dude! that's a pretty neat idea I gotta admit it's super cool so yea Idk if it's gonna be made an event or not but I'd say that "We have star wars in here so, why not some marvel action comes in!!" Deadpool is a pretty cool mashup so maybe If it's gonna be done, then maybe we could call boyos "PikaPools!"
  4. Yes pretty sure pat said that achievements are being remade so probably something like that will come out!
  5. How about 10 million exp for 200k PD? :)
  6. I got scammed by a guy named event_2018. So what happened was, was that my partner and I were playing the game together and I had to leave to take care of my studies - so I said to my partner that he should play for a while to manage the account. My partner played on the acc for a while and eventually, he had studies too and then he gave the password to another guy who was his "In real life friend". That guy wanted a partner because we both were off and so he joined Event_2018 to train pokes and stuff. After sometime, the guy scammed my partner and then took away all the pokes and changed the pass and then after like a month or so, I had thought of coming back to the game and so I just tried to log in the account but that it said that the pass I entered was incorrect and so as me being the real owner of the account I just used my email to change the password and then I just had a look at my account and saw that everything was poof and after some days event_2018 got banned but he has alts and all my pokes are gone so what should I do? Can anyone help me? I got scammed of more than 20 DPS and many events, Arceus forms and Pokedollars too along with a normal unknown too.... my partners have tried to reach me through discord but I have cut all ties of partnerships and I promise this won't repeat again so please somebody help me I have worked very hard on this account so please Patrick, if you can, I beg of you to restore my account.
  7. Guys i haven't been playing lately like for about 1 year so could anyone tell me the price of an arceus avatar
  8. woohoo guys its my birthday today!


  9. Is it broken or all on one Mon. I need a little more context. well its your wish tho if you want it broken then it shall be if you want it on one mon then it too shall be!
  10. hey man i want how much exp do you require for it?
  11. hey guys i have a which im willing to trade and im looking for or a if youre interested then post here
  12. can you do a + shadow xmas or kyurem white?
  13. I am mainly looking for events and dps, so please make an offer well i dont know
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