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  1. No. I don't think he really will I'M very exited
  2. Ash178

    Discussion Pokemon Dissapeared!

    Agree to 990295233...
  3. I'M seriously gotta miss u.... Anyway IGN:KILLERTRAINZ
  4. I am seriously INTERESTED in thw giveaway!!!!! IGN:KILLERTRAINZ I'M new... Registed on jan 22 2018!!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!! :-) :-) :-)
  5. Ash178

    Discussion Hi I am from Indonesia

    ign?? (Plz give me ur game name)
  6. Pizza burger of dominoz
  7. Hi guys!! I hv seen that there r some accounts which r donor(sportsandmusic69), Premium accounts(The_resistance) And admin account(Patrick).. Well admin account will be of those who created the game :-) But what about donor n premium?? And how could mine account can be donor or premium??? Plz ans me :-)....
  8. Ash178

    Giveaway Begginers Giveaway!

  9. Ash178

    Giveaway Normal Legends giveaway

  10. Ash178

    Uniques Vivillon Trade Thread

    IGN KILLERTRAINZ VIVILION FORM SUN HAVE A SHADOW VIVILION CONTINENTAL AND WANT TO TRADE IT 4 starter pokemon like a unique froakie and a shiny or SHADOWso if I get both the I'M ready to trade shadow vivilion CONTINENTAL
  11. Ash178

    Universal Community Trading Thread

  12. Ash178

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Looking 4 a shiny & shadowoffer a legind or event(roton form) if its of lvl 100 and exp above 50,000
  13. Ash178

    Giveaway Begginers Giveaway!

  14. Ash178

    Discussion What are your Vortex goals?

    I am LOOKING for all starter pokemon to complete tke pokedex Pm me if u r willing to trade uniwue starters IGN KILLERTRAINZ
  15. Ash178

    Discussion What are your Vortex goals?

    Mine is to become the best And collet all my favourite and rare POKEMON Like all types all types