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  1. pls send any level 5 woopers to thedosomepoop

  2. thedosomepoop

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Looking for LEVEL 5 Woopers Normie and unique. I give random garbage events or whatever you want!
  3. thedosomepoop

    Idea Name change store.

    Don't know if it would be possible but adding a name change to the store would allow idiots like me who chose a name like thedosomepoop to lift the curse. Maybe price it at $10. And possibly limit it to once a month or something if it can't be automated to prevent spamming.
  4. thedosomepoop

    The Fighting God


    This could be Golden Wooper guys! So excited!!
  5. Can't wait for Golden Wooper! :D  Btw have you guys seen this> :O  https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/store/

  6. thedosomepoop

    Contest Shadow Fairy......with exp

    ign: thedosomepoop Love ignoring trade deals. Example: A jirachi offered on my Halloween scyther
  7. thedosomepoop

    Giveaway Giveaway

    ign: thedosomepoop. Birds are real and the Pope is a scam.
  8. thedosomepoop

    Event Super team to beat AZ

    One of the best teams so far to make the AZ battle a breeze is as follows. 5x Wooper (mystic) 1x Wooper (Dark) It is very important you have move coverage such as: Surf, sludge bomb, ice beam, hidden power fight. There is also video proof for doubter such as discord cameron: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sM8mbgKrW4w
  9. As everyone knows Patrick is a big fan of dancing. My idea is to have the event be a battle against a trainer in "dream world" from pokemon black and white (Because Mr Pat loves dancing even when he's sleeping). They would have obviously a Meloetta Pirouette and maybe other music or dance themed Pokemon like Chatot. The trainer could have multiple stages like the AZ event. recommended level of the trainers pokemon 300.
  10. thedosomepoop

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Lf unique caterpie xmas. Offering: dark kyruem black, dark + metallic kyurem white. Diglett xmas dark, mystic, metallic
  11. thedosomepoop

    Fixed Sandygast not found in water map at night

    He hasn't been added to the game yet (by accident)
  12. thedosomepoop

    General What is the perfect composition for you?

    6x Dark Sableye with fling
  13. thedosomepoop

    Resolved Weather problem

    You can't manually switch between day and night anymore. Day and night are determined by server time.(which is gmt+0) From 7am-7pm it is day, and from 7pm-7am is night.
  14. thedosomepoop

    Answered Why doesnt jangmo-o apear?

    I don't know specific terms. But Jangmo-o is kind of like eevee in rarity. It's not as common as normal but it's slightly more common than legends iirc. You can check here, that there isn't currently that many in game atm https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/pokedex/Jangmo-o
  15. Lf Dark Sableyes and dark mega sableyes.

    1. v3567


      Aren't we all? ;)