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  1. Arceus (Rock) dont have solar beam attack :/

    1. omg414


      No it does not have,The base attacks are good tho!

  2. Okay. Think now giratina, he doesnt have fire attack for buy (except hidden power(fire). You can spin wheel of fortune for buy best fire attack or other element attacks. There are will be 10 skills for pick. System is easy. Spin 10 skills pick one for use. 1. spin 1. element hidden power (ice) 2. element hidden power (fight) 3. element hidden power (ice) 4. element hidden power (fire) 5. element hidden power ( grass) 6. element hidden power (dark) 7. element hidden power (water) 8. element glaciate 9. element focus punch 10. element fire punch you can pick one or spin more times 2. spin 1. element blast burn ----------> select and add that skill for purcaseable attacks. 2. element slash 3. element superpower 4. element hidden power (ghost) 5. element frozen world 6. element hidden power (bug) 7. element hidden power (ice) 8. element hidden power (ice) 9. element hidden power (ghost) 10. element hidden power (psychic)
  3. I have a ideas about skills,Random skill wheel of fortune. You'll spin wheel for best skills and you can pick 1 skill.Spin randomly 10 skills, pick 1 skill for use. (There will be best attacks Max 150 for all elements with %1 chance)And other idea about skills rollback skills for pokemons orginal attacks.
  4. Hello dear admin, im missing my X D badge on my account. and when you will bring Dratinice,Dratinire and Dratinilic pokemons ?

    1. Patrick


      That badge was never possible to obtain in v3 onwards.

    2. Prens_12345


      I won cipher event on V3, i was have that badge on my account but i cant see that badge now in my rewards... please fix it :(

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