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  1. i would like to have leggy for a leggy.
  2. Sorry, but I already have both of them. Please offer me something else
  3. Sorry, but I already have one. Please offer me something else
  4. Looking for pokes I don't have. I would like to trade equally (ie normal for normal and so on) but should be reasonable. Currently I have these to trade - Normal - Unique Normal - Normal Leggies - Unique Leggies - You can message me directly, on chat or here. (IGN: Ash-I8) These all are there on my trade page, along with some more normals. Feel free to make an offer. (IGN: Ash-I8)
  5. I don't remember the username of an old account. When I tried to recover it by giving the email attached to it, message is displayed that the list of usernames has been sent to the email but when I checked my same email I don't receive any such mail. Please help in recovering the account.
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