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  1. Experience "Speedway" Experience Shop

    @greenlanturn i will give metallic or mystic omanyte for 1,400,000 exp?.. Ign pavan-ash
  2. Universal Xp training jobs

    @IKmaster100 when will you train my bastiodon ?
  3. Universal Xp training jobs

    i mean yes
  4. Universal Xp training jobs

    no i want it on my shieldon , i will offer it on any junk pokemon of yours up for trade
  5. Universal Xp training jobs

    i want 7.5 mil in one go i want you to train 2 mil on my shiedon and 5.5 mil on other pokemon after you finish training 2 mil exp
  6. Universal Xp training jobs

    no sorry
  7. Universal Xp training jobs

  8. Universal Xp training jobs

  9. Universal Xp training jobs

    my ign is pavan-ash
  10. Universal Xp training jobs

    dark genesect , dark xernes active , dark landourous, dark zapdos, dialgax2 ,palkia,genesect x2, mespritx2,azelfx2,uxie, metallic celebi , metallic suicine, metallic zapdos ,mystic regirock,shadow uxie,shiny zapdos, zapdos x 2 ? how much exp ?
  11. Universal Xp training jobs

    how much exp do u train for each unique leggy
  12. Universal legendaries thread(closed)

    and many More POKÉMON, also trading unique Pokémon and unique legendaries looking for events ..For a unique Pokémon offer 2-3 lvl 100 Pokémon or a lvl 100 unique Pokémon and for legendaries 2 legendary Pokémon and for unique legendary offer 3 unique legendary Pokémon . IGN pavan-ash
  13. Universal ProjectOne's Alolan Shop!

    i want ur mystic vulpix alolan i offer a shiny vivilion tundra...ign:pavan-ash check my trades and pm me well negotiate i also will offer 2 azelf
  14. Experience The Greatest EXP Shop Ever by carrliam761

    Zapdosx5;mew;latiosmega,latias,genesect,vivilion fancy, zygrade cell, shadow zygrade cell, azelfx3,mesprit,registeel,shiny genesect,dark xernes active for 14-18 million exp on my on my shadow unbound ...we can negotiate with the rates if you want
  15. Events Events trade

    @chingki123 I offer you a dark mewtow armor what Pokémon will you give me..?