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  1. BlueKecleon

    Bug Floette Pokedex

    The Pokedex indicates the wrong number of Floette I have (or not...). It only do with Floette, not even with the Flabebe or Florges forms.
  2. BlueKecleon

    Report hopeless case

    Hello ! Everything started when I outbid ceNNap for a Sablenite on Pokébay the day before the auction end. http://upload.dinhosting.fr/y/e/H/unknown.png I'm not good at english, don't know what a "naber" is and if it's a word, I don't really want to know, I suppose that's an insult. The next day (so today) i won the auction at the last second and I receive a pm from the same guy I respond with a "taunty" message because, well, it's pathetic to have a behavior like that : "Don't cry for a Sablenite. :)". Then he (or she, don't know), pm me the same day with two other account just for trying to do whatever in his mind. is the pm from "Genzo", being the name of the clan of "ceNNap" http://upload.dinhosting.fr/m/x/W/unknow4.png Here is the pm from" brazzers" I do not respond since but seriously, it's the stupidest personne I see in my life so far. I don't really know if multi account on PV is authorized, especially if it's for trying to harass someone, all of that just because I outbid her for a Sablenite. So voila, blocking people is a thing, but if the other people is using multi account ... "It's not very effective". x: