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  1. IKmaster100

    Universal Trading shop

    Hi guys this is a trading shop for the pokes I’m looking for. I mainly want to trade my pokes for the pokes I need but will also accept good pokes that I already have and will be training a bit of exp. If I haven’t listed a poke and you were wondering whether I would be willing to trade for it then leave me a comment about what poke it is. Finally I would like to make you aware that if you offer basic pokes I will ignore you and if you’re offer is very bad I will definitely not accept it. What I need: fossil pokes(all apart from kabuto and omanyte) level 6(ONLY!!!) immune pokes.(these pokes are all of the pokes from the following types-flying, normal, fairy, dark, ghost, steel and ground.) shiny legends unique starters furfrou forms mystery boxes arceus unown unique arceus forms snorlaxite/snorlax mega arbokite/arbok mega unique mewtwo evolution donation pokes primals/ orbs therians unique pichu Xmas cubone vader kyurem white ultra beasts(especially poipole and necrozma) Stuff I’m offering mystic furfrou la reine metallic genesect ice dark omastar exp(depends on the poke) arceus ice poipole floette eternal blacephalon Cosmog any of my unique or normal leggies (check ign:IKmaster100) Missingno Porygon shield + sword rotom spin + cut Normal starters vivillion pokeball Xurkitree zygarde partial im also training small amounts of exp in return for money rates: 100k exp - 100kpds 200k exp - 200kpds 300kexp - 300kpds 400kexp - 400kpds 500kexp - 500kpds have a good day folks
  2. IKmaster100

    Trading Arceus' (Dark)

    Look at my profile and tell me what you want for the shiny one.
  3. IKmaster100

    Universal You want it, I got it. (Maybe)

    Kk np mate do I have anything you want for your shadow snivy?
  4. IKmaster100

    Universal You want it, I got it. (Maybe)

    Porygon sword and shield for mystic guzzlord? If not tell me what you want from my acc
  5. IKmaster100

    Universal looking for an xp trainer and someone who can train xp

    Alright I’ll talk to you in game
  6. IKmaster100

    Universal looking for an xp trainer and someone who can train xp

    It’s for my alt account which has nothing on it so I won’t lose anything and sure let’s talk in game about the xp training details
  7. IKmaster100

    Universal looking for an xp trainer and someone who can train xp

    I very rarely use discord, it would be easier for me to talk in game
  8. IKmaster100

    Universal looking for an xp trainer and someone who can train xp

    sure mate added you as a friend and will explain the job in detail to you.
  9. I need someone to train exp and do my sidequests for me cos i'm too busy to do it for myself atm (may be and excuse for me being lazy). My rates are way better than the other guy's rates so be sure to give me preferance over him. my rates: sidequests: per region-200kpds xp: per 100k-100kpds
  10. IKmaster100

    Universal New and improved xp shop (updated!!!)

  11. Alright so in this exp shop ive got certain stuff that i will trade xp for certain stuff listed below. The whole point is that i don't wanna train huge amounts roughly in excess of 2mil. so if you wanna trade something that aint on the list for a decent amount of xp, i'll still be happy to comply. mbs: 500k each shieldon: 500k(normal) 1.5-2mil (unique) aerodactyl: 350k(normal) 700k-1mil(unique) cranidos: 500k (normal) 1.5-2mil(unique) lileep: 350k(normal) 700k-1mil(unique) tirtouga: 1mil archen: 1mil amaura: 2mil tyrunt: 2mil arceus grass/rock: 800k keldeo resolute: 800k therians: 1.2mil kyurem white/black: 800k-1mil mewtwo evolution: 1.5mil furfrou forms: 1mil snorlax (mega): 800k poipole: 1mil stakataka: 600k (normal) 1.2mil(unique) necrozma: 1mil cubone vader: 800k (normal) 2mil (unique) pika Xmas: 1mil (normal) 2mil (unique) Pds (only training up to 500k for pds) 50kxp-100kpds 100k xp-200kpds 200kxp-400kpds 300kxp-600kpds 400kxp-800kpds 500kxp-1milpds I may be more expensive than most people, but thats cos im a lot quicker. that's all folks. Watch out for updates to the shop and I hope everyone has a good day.
  12. IKmaster100

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    ign:IKmaster100 i have 1 cosmog but it's very lonely rn
  13. IKmaster100

    Universal looking for certain pokes and items (offering well)

    Ok accept my friend request and we will talk in the other chat