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  1. Unanswered A Free Gift

    its okay buddy , i can't do anything now , am stuck
  2. Unanswered A Free Gift

    Hi Guys , its darkrai- from pokemon vortex and Darkrai from discord , i wanted to discuss that i was banned from discord all because of @PRIMEZORDON_VORTEX he was saying bad words about me even my family , and when i replied back , a mod banned me , now that's not fair guys , please mods unban me , its not my fault , and the guy who was fighting me didn't got banned , wow , i dunno i want my discord back at all cost , i am innocent , no mistake no nothing and a free surprise of a ban for me , thanks i really hate it , anyways , Why don't you understand! its not my fault ! its @PRIMEZORDON_VORTEX fault , i am the guy who did nothing but was dragged in ! I NEED IT BACK AT ALL COST!
  3. Contest Shadow Rotom (Cut) Giveaway

    Hey @ClashyWoman i made a text for you
  4. Contest Shadow Rotom (Cut) Giveaway

    Darkrai- Thank you so much buddy!
  5. Other Free text & Banner shop

    Do you want banner or text?
  6. Hi Guys , Its Darkrai from discord and Darkrai- from pokemon vortex , i wanna discuss that i just opened a free banner & text shop for people who want to make banners or texts just discuss down here ! Thanks ! Thanks you guys , Please follow me here and on my vortex account also be sure to contact me here or discord (Darkrai#7923) ! just post the color , which design and the text or banner name you want me to make and ill be sure to make it!