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  1. hi mods , please unban me from discord :( its been 2 months and am banned , please unban me @flamescape @sportsandmusic69

    1. Patrick
    2. -Darkrai-



  2. it uses your information about your country even in phone or computer , it will use auto location there is no such way to set up your country , that was a good question , Have a nice day!
  3. Hi guys , anyone here got Shiny Mewtwo (Armor)for trade? am looking for one and am offering good , let me know if you guys have this ! thanks , have a nice day! :) 

  4. i like the idea , i think its cooooooooooooooooool
  5. bro i can't show you proof until you unban me from discord
  6. Hi guys , i wanted to say that ive been hacked by @carrliam761 , its not like hacking into account and get my pokes , this is different , okay so lets get started , he was my one of the most best and oldest friends , since i trusted him , i gave him my to train them for me , he said "okay , ill return after 2-3 days or so" he gave me back and never returned the other 2 , i messaged him like a million times to return them back please but he never listened and blocked me (i can show screen shots) i was worried that i lost my events and when i saw his account , i couldn't find my rotom forms , i got more sad , then i asked @WinnerOJD he helped me and told me that he was scammed too and he keep all of his scammed pokes in ign : Blue , when i saw Blue's profile , i found my both shiny rotom heat and wash with the same exp and the same OT , so guys please mods help me get those 2 back , i can show screenshots and can give proof to mods , thank you!
  7. @carrliam761 return my rotoms back or its not gonna be good
  8. okay guys am sorry , vortex was down so the giveaway will end now after i get to the random spinner (rotom spin XD) so the winner is :: congratulations @ClashyWoman , you have won the giveaway! , where to offer your porygon?
  9. man , its a giveaway , depends upon the random picking machine ,
  10. i don't cheat bro , if the random picker picks your name , ill be sure to count you as a winner!
  11. No problem ! have fun ! no problem buddy , just enjoy!
  12. okay thanks for your opinion buddy , ill edit it now and you forgot to add "e" in Auke1993
  13. Hi guys , how are you ? okay i got a giveaway here of a , be sure to participate by posting your ign below also be sure to have fun and ! the winner will be randomly picked on 22 march , 2018 , be sure to be a part of this giveaway! Also guys i wanted to tell you that as long as i can't use discord (cause am banned ) ill be doing a giveaway of any rare poke like Every week ! so be sure to smash that follow button , so you can get notifications of my giveaways and
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