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    Answered How get admin badge ?

    Titlle^^ So far from global messanger get this : Skyfighter507 1:02pmHi! harshal1234 1:12pmAt v3 it was there admin fighting Skyfighter507 1:18pmHi! spiderman0464 1:18pmHi! but i need to get badge to catch legendary Welcome to the Pokemon Vortex General Chat MEMEBOI97 1:19pmDO U NOW DE WAE Skyfighter507 1:19pmNo memes please. spiderman0464 1:19pmthere is no wae sibigraphy 1:19pmok MEMEBOI97 1:19pmok XD Skyfighter507 1:19pmxD Skyfighter507 1:20pmBoooo!!! how get admin pokemon fight badge ? spiderman0464 1:20pmSTEAMED HAMS Skyfighter507 1:20pm MEMEBOI97 1:20pm Skyfighter507 1:20pmDon't know sorry. Skyfighter507 1:20pmLol Skyfighter507 1:20pmThat Message adove you're message MEMEBOI97 1:21pmi dont know ever sry Skyfighter507 1:22pmLol i know , obviously , you need to fight admins but there i can find them in V4 ?