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  1. Hi Auke, Devaluating a pokemon doesn't mean one gets to win something at around 100th battle and another at 1000th.... I think its kinda unfair... atleast for the 1st fist plate. FYI I am nearly at 800 battle and found nothing, not many people are in my shoes right now, so they wouldn't understand. I have already seen people flaunting a set whereas some of us are struggling just for one.
  2. Hello Patrick and Staff, Thank you for the Arceus (fighting) event which many of us were anticipating. However, unlike other map events, this one is certainly different as it involves us to do multiple battles and there is no info about the number of battles that an individual needs to do to get a plate. After asking some people on discord about it and on an average most of the folk received their first fist plate within their 200 battle count. And there are also people who haven't got a SINGLE plate despite doing 600 + or 700 + battles (Me being one of those UNLUCKY people). Staff is ruling out to be our so called "bad luck" and making fun of our accounts being haxed which we all know isn't true and it is however not helping us with the cause. However, could you please ensure that at least the first plate drop rate is within a set battle number so that we dont feel all dejected and lose hopes to continue forward whereas others just mock us for being losers, as we are working as hard as the other players in the game. This isn't a map event where people tell us that we might've walked past a pokemon due to clicking way too fast. There is a proof of each person doing a substantial amount of battles in the hopes of getting what they want. This post might look like I am venting or complaining, but if you could look into it and see if something could be done well I would appreciate that and so does other players who still haven't lost their hopes of finding their first fist plate despite nearing their 1000th battle. Sorry to make this post huge. Thanks.
  3. swetsharon

    The Fighting God


    Hopefully its a different kind of event and would be a nice surprise.... :))
  4. Hello Patrick and staff, Thank you for organizing all the events as a part of 10 year celebrations of vortex. Below is a suggestion for tracking the number of pokemon offered per trade. Since there is a limit on the number of pokemon to be offered which 20 per trade, at times it is difficult to keep track of the checked boxes, and we tend to overshoot the limit of pokemon offered. if there is a small window or some way where in the number ( of checked boxes) wherein we can track the current number of pokemon offered as and when we check the boxes so that we need not re-offer if we overshoot the limit of 20.
  5. Hi Pat, In my opinion exp reset would be fair when a poke is traded/auctioned. These days we see too many users have illegit exp which they’ve acquired by trading or through auctions. Many recipients are skeptical of the exp that they receive from others. I am an exp trainer/trader too, however I would like the exp to be reset when traded or auctioned since most of the players aren’t training them legit. Leaderboards need a cleanup and this is a good way to do it. I hope that the spamclick/spambid issue would also be taken care of in the next update since spamclickers ruin the auction experience for others. This change has both pros and cons, however I think it’s time that vortex comes up with some changes that would be fair to curb people from botting and having an unfair advantage over legit players.
  6. Hi, I don't wanna post that statement, however my ign is swet I don't wanna reveal my high exp pokes since people wanna overtake it "soon" thanks for the giveaway. - Yes, I iz rebel. bye
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