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  1. Got quite a list: https://paste.ee/p/V6PvR It's pretty much my whole pokedex. At the moment I'm just looking for the common and uncommon map pokes I'm missing (anything on the list means I'm missing it). I'll pay as necessary and also give you a bonus too depending on how many you can get for me.
  2. Harris07

    Contest Kittykats Giveaway!

    I think you'd have to catch one of each unknown (with your OT) and then unlock event centre to get a random arceus (ghost) -IGN Harris07 and thanks for the giveaway!
  3. Harris07

    Uniques Unique Pokes Needed

    My IGN is Harris07 PM me on here so we can talk about the trade
  4. I agree with Nutella. The change would only benefit a very small amount of players who open that many boxes at a time. Also send some boxes my way too
  5. Harris07

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    LF exp. Pm me.
  6. Harris07

    Uniques Unique Pokes Needed

    I'm looking for non-legendary pokes at the moment. I can do either of he Guzzlord's for non-legendary poke's I don't have already in bulk.
  7. Harris07

    Uniques Unique Pokes Needed

    Not particularly looking for unique leggies atm but more just map pokes first. Yes the exp pokes are still up for grabs. PM me if you can do normal map pokes I don't have.
  8. Harris07

    Uniques My Shiny Shop

    Including your in game name would be a helpful start.
  9. Harris07

    Answered Deoxys event?

    They're in mystery boxes for this month. Patrick has linked a very useful article. ^^^
  10. Harris07

    Idea Pikachu Forms

    That would be very cool!
  11. Harris07

    Uniques Unique Pokes Needed

  12. Harris07

    Uniques Unique Pokes Needed

    Hi everyone, Hope everyone is doing well. I'm currently trying to fill as much of my pokedex as possible, mainly just map pokes at the moment. I'm offering PD / exp / events for unique pokes I'm missing in bulk. I value level 100 pokes higher, but will accept all pokes I'm missing. Drop me message on this post, on discord @King Harris#1775, or in-game (IGN - Harris07) Pokes I'm looking for: https://paste.ee/p/bmZQn
  13. Harris07

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    IGN - Harris07 Only got cosmogs I bought / traded for
  14. Harris07

    Universal Trade

    Arceus (ice) for Arceus (dark)?