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  1. Harris07

    Universal Xp training jobs

    I'll message you.
  2. Harris07

    Experience Exp Shop!!! (Finally Open!)

    4 jobs given by me - hense the "no more orders" thing. Just wanted to clear that up for people who may think that @BadBoiMortar is never gonna take any more exp jobs.
  3. Harris07

    Resolved Cant Switch Pokemons From Team

    I do believe that that is just a bug that is on mobiles. The same occurs to my when I try and view my team through my phone. This did happen while playing Vortex on your phone right?
  4. Harris07

    Experience Exp Shop!!! (Finally Open!)

    Nice idea! I'll be sure to save up some money and buy some pokes off you. Do you have any set money value's yet? Because although exp is still exp, exp on certain pokes has a higher value than others. For example exp on a shiny map poke has more than a normal map poke. Also legendary exp has a higher value than both. Shiny legendary value has even more. Then event pokes, shiny event pokes, dps and then shiny dps. Other uniques fit between the gap of shiny's and normal's. (dps = donation pokemon) Different people have different valuations but for me it's: Normal<Metallic<Dark<Mystic<Shadow<Shiny. Be sure to consider all of these when you finally set prices (if you ever do) and I wish you the very best. The exp game is currently dominated by the botters but I'm sure most people would buy exp off you than botters if given the choice. I can't believe no-one has posted here yet so I hope you aren't underwhelmed by the current response. I'm sure as you begin to sell and your reputation increases - you'll become a formidable training BEAST!!! Wish you all the best, Harris07
  5. Harris07

    Experience Offering Exp! (New Deals!)

    Will do!
  6. Harris07

    Answered Pokemon Vortex

    Hey man. At the moment Patrick isn't selling anymore premium accounts. I know what you mean with subscribing with the monthly direct debit but as of now, Patrick isn't taking any more orders shop you can see they are out of stock. T the moment there isn't the featured section in auctions yet as promised so my best bet is that it is still under development. Is should be available at a later date. Hope this explained everything brother!
  7. Harris07

    Experience Offering Exp! (New Deals!)

    I have friends who play the game. My friends would happily buy the pokes for me and I'll just have to repay them. Anyway - I only have so little because I just bought a Shiny Guzzlord. I'm taking the Guzzlord deal down.
  8. Harris07

    Experience Offering Exp! (New Deals!)

    I've messaged you buddy through the game. You can talk to me through there. Mind you, I looked through your pokes and don't see anything I have been looking for...
  9. Harris07

    Experience Offering Exp! (New Deals!)

    Brother, I have stated what pokemon I need above. When I need any other's I will update it. Please don't ask if I need any pokes please. If you have any of the pokes I say I wanted then please reply. Otherwise, please don't.
  10. Harris07

    Experience Offering Exp! (New Deals!)

    Nope, sorry. I'm only looking for the shiny starters in their first evolution forms. Thanks for clearing that up man!
  11. Harris07

    Universal Xp training jobs

    How much for a Shadow Pikachu Xmas?
  12. Harris07

    Experience Offering Exp! (New Deals!)

    ? I have only posted this topic once !sXeJ. I'm not sure what you mean... Is this to do with the fact I changed the name of the post twice??? Hey @VITOL You have an idea what @!sXeJ means? I am purely baffled!
  13. Harris07

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    Have won no cosmog's yet... Darkrai- gave me one for free though because he's so generous a couple of month's back. Cheers for the giveaway VITOL!!!
  14. Harris07

    Answered Arceus ( Ghost )

    Ok, thanks!
  15. Harris07

    Answered Arceus ( Ghost )

    In the last arceus events - did the arceus have to be OT the trainer? @Auke1993 Thanks Auke1993!