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  1. I once released a Reshiram with a banned OT because I thought I would get banned too. IGN - Harris07
  2. @unknown_citizen I think he means trading items. I think that would be useful, for example if I was feeling generous and wanted to give someone 1 mystery box. Trading items would be a nice feature imo. Donating pokemon is pretty useless as you can trade anyways but I'm all for trading items.
  3. IGN Harris07 Won one before and thought I might aswell try again Thanks for the giveaway Vitol sir!
  4. Gary, this is just his side hustle. He works part time as a postman and this is where he racks in the "bug-bucks".
  5. Plot twist! dexter258 is claiming to have no idea who this joshua258 is...
  6. I'm embarrassed to admit it but I got scammed. Me and joshua258 agreed on me paying him 4m pokedollers for a few pokes he had on his account dexter258 and we had a long conversation about trust and how he has been scammed before... yadda-yadda... and so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and bidded on his pokeball first for him to turn around and ignore me. He now says he is having "technical issues" with offering the pokes... I understand I screwed up and don't deserve my money back as it's my fault for losing it etc. and I also feel 4m pokedollers isn't a life "game-life" changing amount to me but I felt it was my duty to report this kid before he scams some other people. (Plus it hurts me to see people still benefiting from scamming others.) Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/AOH2Hff? This fella has been on plenty of times and now and his auction has finished so he is now sitting on my money. I'm certain this guy has no intention of paying up.
  7. Not gonna lie, that's a li'l weird but not gonna lie, I have some weird af dreams so can't judge
  8. Actual Rates Added!!!
  9. I'm sorry but what you have inferred as an inappropriate clan name seems normal to most people. I understand where you are coming from but Bangkok is a capital city and 69 is just a number. The name can be inferred in another way but cannot be removed for this reason as it harmless enough
  10. Oof, forgot to mention I take broken exp too as long as it isn't too broken. However it won't even for the rates above but we can negotiate on broken exp
  11. Oh man, I have so many memories with this game. The earliest was about 6-7 years ago when me and my friend were in year 6 and playing on vortex in the ICT suite during break and dinner everyday. He had an operation and wasn't allowed outside for break for a week or two but we rode that all throughout the year. We used to sit and train exp and have little map hunting competitions together. I remember one day I was hunting on the grass maps and I encountered my first legendary (tornadous) and caught that right away. I remember my friend immediately moves to the same position on the map that I was at when I encountered my first legendary thinking he would find his first there too! Oof, those were the good ol' days when I had no cares and just enjoyed chilling with my best friend... 7 years later he's still my best friend but shame he's not into vortex anymore, I've got to get him to make a new account and get back into the game.
  12. Anyone want to cash in on double xp and get some mb codes or dp codes?
  13. I'm sorry but this is not a place to advertise your auctions. Please talk about trade or you may talk about selling pokemon on auction, just not for listing all your auctions to use this platform as some advertisement.
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