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  1. Plz fix it @Patrick / @flamescape
  2. I'm trying to change clan icon from more than week but when I click on save button nothing will happen - I link first my account with forum ✓ - I am owner of clan in forum ✓ + co-leader in game clan My clan id no. Is 121 ✓ - I'm trying to add forum clan id no. In game clan × (trying to save) viewing the settings for it on the right panel. (Entered my clan ID into the top text that says "Forum Clan ID" pressed save button (nothing happens))
  3. Only problem is to link forum clan id in game clan It doesn't save (link)
  4. Hello, I have try to change pic in game clan but when I try to link forum id in game https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Getting_Your_Forum_Clan_ID I have done this all steps still it doesn't works Is there any bug ?
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