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  1. 6.5m idk man I'll do 5m Or Dm me to talk a deal
  2. Man today I had a crazy experience I wanted to last second bid on a I wanted to type 700k but typed an extra zero and it was 7m I felt very sad that I lost all my savings but there was an another guy who was a last second bidder too and he unluckily may have clicked bid and he bid more than me I mean he didn't meant to do it but he lost 7m pds because of my mistake and he asked me again will you buy it for 7m , I'm like nah man but thanks for saving me I felt so lucky and felt bad at the same thime for that guy And again when I was watching another shiny zekrom , I missed it and like this , another guy who was bidding on it bid 5m instead of 500k like idk man shiny zekrom is cursed maybe
  3. Or you can buy one in pokebay (simplest way imo)
  4. This web game is pretty good But we know we have face some of the most annoying people and one of the best moments so I wanted to make this kind of thread to discuss our all experiences but I didn't know where to post We can share common experiences, discuss common interests unlike fighting which poke is better in trading thread (which is most used thread btw) So yeah , this would be entertaining and idk it may help to find new people and make friends with And Patrick you're welcome you don't need to thank me for this (joke btw); Who's going to share first !!
  5. Yeah I just exposed his scam in my previous report post He's a dirty scammer Mods should be quick enough like idk man
  6. This acc ign : mynamedurkslurp We were having a normal trade chat and this kid proposed a deal which I didn't like He offered shiny riolu for melmetal I didn't like it , refused it , and the chat just goes like this : In any site , this kind of messages and cursing will get someone banned for sure , I mean this man goes too far , he'll subscribe to my mom's only fans , that typical kid's dialogue from call of duty but this is against this website's rules so I am reporting this I request to take any form action on this person , idk how many mods are there the action is taken very lately , I don't blame it cuz this is indie game mostly run by number of people in single digit but yeah , take action please
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