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  1. Bro who said to sell it in pokebay Dm me in game I'll trade for them and I'll pay you the amount through a pokeball
  2. How about shiny greninja and a deoxys defense
  3. Um that's fair deal but can you ask other poke instead of shadow greninja I removed it from trade and am keeping it and only shiny greninja is for trade from the poke you asked
  4. Yeah shiny rayquaza is 4m but shiny greninja alone is 3.5m so that's too much
  5. Text me in game I'll buy
  6. I want unown F U C and K How much for 4 of them ?
  7. I'll trade for it Message me and ask what do you want
  8. I was bidding for a in pokebay and frasermck (his ign) bid on it at the last second and won , pretty normal but then after I recieved these messages Like what , I don't get it where to report curses like this like it's not a scam but a thing to be reported , all I see is this place to report in the forum , the forum is kinda confusing but yeah That's toxic and needed to be taken care of Or maybe Patrick wouldn't care idk
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