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  1. I was bidding for a in pokebay and frasermck (his ign) bid on it at the last second and won , pretty normal but then after I recieved these messages Like what , I don't get it where to report curses like this like it's not a scam but a thing to be reported , all I see is this place to report in the forum , the forum is kinda confusing but yeah That's toxic and needed to be taken care of Or maybe Patrick wouldn't care idk
  2. You can't even take a joke Bro alcremie love is like 900k value Shadow greninja is 1m Shiny greninja is 3.5m All event poke aren't expensive
  3. Ah yes it's an event Shiny alcremie love = shiny volcanion My mistake bro sorry I am playing this game for like 2 days idk the values bro
  4. I sold a metallic kartana for 750k
  5. I intended to give a But you already have one so I didn't offer
  6. Idk bro amaura might be fair for both I mean the offer you asked is too much for both of them because shadow Mewtwo y and shiny Pikachu have more xp which make them valuable , without exp , poke you're asking are fair Idk what to offer now Amaura with 1m exp is worth both of them if you want to trade that's all I have for trade
  7. Yeah it is If you don't believe me go ask ppl in discord server
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