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  1. Hi, If I reset my sidequests can I still find alolan pokemon?
  2. Hi, I've been doing sidequests but I'm not sure what variant are the best to use. Besides that I'm also wondering which variants are more expensive. So my question is: Can you rate the variants: Normal, Shiny, Dark, Metallic, Mystic, Shadow in the order from best to worst and from expensive to cheap. My thoughts: Questing: Dark, Mystic, Shiny, Metallic, Shadow, Normal Price: Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Shadow, Metallic, Normal.
  3. Hi, I'm fairly new but I have some general knowledge about the game I think. I've been catching low lvl and etc and training them once on the training accounts but I was wondering if there are better options to get even more $$$. Thanks,
  4. Perodigy

    Answered Best pokemon/attacks for sidequests?

    I've almost managed to obtain a Mega Sableye but do I use Fling on anything or do you recommend switching pokemons everytime? I'm looking for the fastest option
  5. I've been grinding pretty hard since I've started yesterday but now I want to blow through the sidequests as fast as possible. So my question is what are the ideal pokemon/attacks to do this? Thanks,
  6. Perodigy

    Giveaway Leggies giveaway for beginners!!!

    IGN: Perodigy Poke: Mewtwo
  7. Hi, I'm very new to this game but I've played my share of pokemon in the past. My question is how do I get starter pokemon? They seem to be quite rare as I've been searching in the water for a few hours hoping to find a squirtle. Are they more common in different areas of the game? Thanks,