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  1. Hi, I'm fairly new but I have some general knowledge about the game I think. I've been catching low lvl and etc and training them once on the training accounts but I was wondering if there are better options to get even more $$$. Thanks,
  2. Unanswered Best pokemon/attacks for sidequests?

    I've almost managed to obtain a Mega Sableye but do I use Fling on anything or do you recommend switching pokemons everytime? I'm looking for the fastest option
  3. I've been grinding pretty hard since I've started yesterday but now I want to blow through the sidequests as fast as possible. So my question is what are the ideal pokemon/attacks to do this? Thanks,
  4. Giveaway Leggies giveaway for beginners!!!

    IGN: Perodigy Poke: Mewtwo
  5. Hi, I'm very new to this game but I've played my share of pokemon in the past. My question is how do I get starter pokemon? They seem to be quite rare as I've been searching in the water for a few hours hoping to find a squirtle. Are they more common in different areas of the game? Thanks,