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  1. Graveyard061994

    Giveaway Normal Legends giveaway

    IGN: Graveyard1994 Thanks!
  2. Hey Patrick!

    I have been trying to Pay for Premium Pokemon's from Vortex Store, but every time I receive an message transaction refused and hence unsuccessful.

    I am from India (Currency - Indian Rupee) - Tried with both Mastercard and Visa linked to Paypal account, having International Transactions enabled. I have verified all the details mentioned in PayPal and verified the card as well - No issues.

    It works fine with other International sites like Amazon, Google and even credited amount in Entropay cards.

    Please assist!


    1. BadboyAthi


      Yup same issue for me (i'm from india too),please check and reply @Patrick

    2. LuvstoryofRupNUsha


      @Graveyard061994 @BadboyAthiPaypal has blocked India from vortex store due to some fraud cases.:$



    3. BadboyAthi


      that is just plain sad :/

  3. Graveyard061994

    Giveaway Porygon (hammer) giveaway !

    IGN: Graveyard1994 Thanks for the giveaway!
  4. Graveyard061994

    Giveaway Biggest Giveaway

    IGN: Graveyard1994 Random legendary pokemon! Thanks for the giveaway.