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  1. Is there anyother way for us indians to buy online stuff from pokemon vortex store apart from paypal.?

    1. 990295233HEREWATSUP


      I dont think there is any other way.

  2. everytime i try making a payment,it is not going through

    my card details are absolutly perfect and i would like to know why is it asking me to change my method of payment.

    i have tried both through paypal and credit card.

    my card is not being accepted ,however it works perfectly everwhere else(its is a mastercard)

    please look into this issue,and resolve this.



    My account name is BadboyAthi.

    1. 990295233HEREWATSUP


      I guess everything is alright.

      mostly your card might be expired.

      enter the proper details properly.

    2. BadboyAthi


      my details are abolutely perfect,i checked and my card expires in 2020,so that isnt the issue.

      it always says transaction cannot proceed ,contact @Patrickpokemonmountain.

      cant seem to get through

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