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  1. A very thoughtful post and very clearly laid out good job! Its definitely a bit of a read but well done anyways! My face when I read shuckle!
  2. I already have multiple sets of flamescape OT shuckles :3 you are always welcome to offer shuckles into my trades however if you are wanting to donate something ♡
  3. Your favorite pokemon regardless of of what it is That's what I did
  4. Registered on March 09, 2015 that is when my current account was made. I had another way back when but that is a different story that matters less now. When I started playing vortex again I had no clue what was instore for me. This game has been a real adventure and I am blessed to have met so many people who have made my time in this game more than enjoyable. From the people who have messaged me, to those I consider family, I hold every interaction dear. I have always been particular towards collecting multiple of a singular Pokémon; however i never took it seriously until my family in AW mad
  5. After doing some digging about what happened and asking some key questions I figured I would help this individual with his Forum Report. So this individual in particular can at least hopefully receive some justice. He logged in today and noticed all of his good Pokémon( i.e. Legendry's, events, anything decent ) were missing he checked his trades and saw a bunch of unusual trades he did not authorize on his account. He investigated further and discovered the account was made by another individual which is selling his lost Pokémon on Pokebay. He is just looking for someone to look into this and
  6. The Giveaway winners are here! 1st I would like to thank everyone for participating even if you didn't win one! I enjoy playing this game with the community, and just wanted to share that will you! The winners are! 4567ash Incorrect-10 Lillyzard ATHARAVA2306 SkyEye zhon TheRedHeadedDuck Messages will be sent out to the following winners on how to claim their prize! If someone doesn't claim their moltres in 1 week I will reroll the winner with the current qualifiers! Than
  7. moltres giveaway is happening within 2 hours I said sept. 24th CST so the time is different to what you were expecting. The selection process will be held via a stream on discord. The final winners will be announced there and here! good luck everyone!
  8. Don't worry I do plan on making final announcements here as well. That being said I highly recommend joining our discord community it really helps for interactions with new friends and getting involved with Pokémon Vortex. I would like to thank everyone for joining so far and I wish everyone luck when the drawing day comes!
  9. Hi there everyone I wanted to do something fun for newer players! I recently caught a ton of the Legendary Kanto bird pokemon Moltres! I am offering a giveaway to players whose accounts are made from June/21st/2020 to September/22nd/2020. in this giveaway there will be 7 winners 1x Dark Moltres 1x Metallic Moltres 5x Normal Moltres If you are interested in Qualifying to win a moltres here is how to enter: Leave a response on this post with the following information. Your In game name, Your favorite pokemon!, and Your favorite food!
  10. I like the last point very much and think there is potential with that We already have our daily login rewards but I think daily/weekly goals could be pretty neat for the game and allow for some supplementation to get certain items into the game apart from sidequests. Sidequests are great but i have had conversations lately about how tedious it is to actually accomplish them through and through. Let's consider a "quest" system where you can catch X amount of pokemon or battle X amount of times from a specific battle frontier and such. Sounds like an interesting idea!
  11. I believe he is referring to some issue with recaptcha if I had to guess 1st image shows him confirming not a robot and it loading. 2nd image shows that it stopped attempting to confirm and unchecked the box. I am not sure how you could help with this but for sure more info is required.
  12. A fantastic idea would probably be a game changer!! I'm all in!
  13. Me personally i enjoy the limitless collection capability of the game! I own over 8400 Shuckles and i found enjoyment from interacting with the community in order to accomplish my goals! I dont collect as much as i used to but find the friends i made along the way are enough to make this game enjoyable for a lifetime!
  14. As far as i understand it there is actually no reward apart from bragging rights. Its been that way for a while, and i'm not to sure if it will change anytime soon but to me it is unlikely. If you want to know why you should do clan battles i would say probably to unify your clan, work towards a common goal, and set "in-house" rewards for your members. Its basically another way to have fun with your members, may not apply for all, but for the members of AntiWorks thats how we utilized the clan battle systems.
  15. Gratz on 1 year my dude! Glad I could be a part of your experience! Continue being the amazing person you are!
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