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  1. Me personally i enjoy the limitless collection capability of the game! I own over 8400 Shuckles and i found enjoyment from interacting with the community in order to accomplish my goals! I dont collect as much as i used to but find the friends i made along the way are enough to make this game enjoyable for a lifetime!
  2. As far as i understand it there is actually no reward apart from bragging rights. Its been that way for a while, and i'm not to sure if it will change anytime soon but to me it is unlikely. If you want to know why you should do clan battles i would say probably to unify your clan, work towards a common goal, and set "in-house" rewards for your members. Its basically another way to have fun with your members, may not apply for all, but for the members of AntiWorks thats how we utilized the clan battle systems.
  3. Gratz on 1 year my dude! Glad I could be a part of your experience! Continue being the amazing person you are!
  4. I feel as if an update like that would defeat the purpose of player trading. You can get all the pokemon you need from players willing to trade if you look hard enough and that in itself is fairly reliable. Also i feel like a system like that could potentially be abused 1: where so they pokemon come from?? is it going to spawn pokemon into the game? if so that could wreck the economy of certain valuable pokemon my making them less sparse. 2: I feel as is it is more appropriate for this game to reward you by the amount of effort you put into the game, hence why just spawning in cash via. loans would make the achievement of obtaining pokedollars in game a little stale, and it opens oppurtunity for scams (take a loan out and buy a ton of stuff from players) overall i can see opportunity with an update that allows people to store stuff where it makes trading items, avatars, pokemon much easier without the use of auction halls but i believe Patrick is working on an update to implement this feature into clans!!! nice suggesting *A shuckle Approved Message!*
  5. @pokemonfansclub As far as I am concerned there are no rules against this and I already told you how this stuff effect my own business I asked you to give me and my account credit but you never did. The post stays unless I am told by admins or owners to take it down.
  6. Just to inform everyone I am Ign: Quintonboy1 and I buy Shuckles! For great rates as well I buy 15 for 1m pokedollars! 200 for 1 12x mystery box promo Or 200 for a donation Pokemon promo of choice I accept uniques and lvl 100's with the same value as normal shuckles! They are all equal to me however I do try to make deals so feel free to look me up on discord ask anyone I'm easy to find! To whom it may concern; it is with much regret that I must announce I am ending my amazing shuckle deals... There have been certain individuals who believe it is ok to attempt to take advantage of me and my passion for the Pokemon, I do not wish to receive botted pokemon into my collection nor do I condone or support the act of botting. For the customers of mine who have been faithful and legit through these epic months pm me regarding your current collections and I will do what I can for you! Any form of compesation will end this sunday :04-20-20 -Tons of love- Quintonboy1
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