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  1. How about a cyndaquil, totodile, turtwig, charmander, bulbasaur, squirtle, chimchar, chikorita and piplup set, for a normal bastiodon or dark vivillon fancy Reply @Fire Blaze
  2. Need chimchar, totodile, chikorita,charmander, squirtle and bulbasaur set. Check eshel and tell me what u want
  3. , Shiny Golett, Shiny buneary, for now. I will choose 6 later
  4. @DannyV Got An Offer Of 2 Shiny And 1 Shadow Pikachu Rock,Pop And Libre. For Mystic Or Shiny Water...Can You Beat This Offer?
  5. Looking For Offering 3m All Legit.
  6. Hi @DannyV! Any offers For Or ?
  7. Your ,,, For 5 Shiny = Max 500k -1 Shadow = Max 100k While Shadow Regirock = 700k. This Is A Fair And Square Deal Checking In Maximum Exp Value.
  8. Lol If You Put Uft How Will I Offer On Both? London456
  9. Lol If You Put Uft How Will I Offer On Both?
  10. So what do you think I was gonna donate my kidney!
  11. Hmmmmm.. 11m exp for it! All legit
  12. Mahesh ain't a scammer. I know as I used to be his partner before we both got scammed by our other ex partner who tried to scam us once before but succeeded the second time in doing so. He trusted me and I trusted him. All the stuff he has he got himself after he lost everything. He didn't scam anyone
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