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  1. CLCAL

    Event Unown Event

    Does anyone else agree that this event is confusing? Besides not having any information on the page, there is also lack of support...
  2. CLCAL

    Experience Hyper's Exp Shop

    I like to buy 2m for 4m ir pd
  3. CLCAL

    General What pokemon are you training right now?

    Up ANARQUIA to the tops, but first 20M 14,518,004/20,000,000 TOTAL: ANARQUIA Level: 100 HP: 400Exp: 14,518,004/100,000,004 GO ON!
  4. For me the game is becoming increasingly monotonous, so I would like to leave this idea: With daily quests where the player could win items and maybe pokemons, the game would be more interesting GO ON!
  5. CLCAL

    Experience [CLOSED] Train Pokemon [CLOSED]

    yes?????? 1m for: and?
  6. CLCAL

    Experience [CLOSED] Train Pokemon [CLOSED]

    yes, buy with pokemon, no money... 1m for: and?
  7. CLCAL

    Experience [CLOSED] Train Pokemon [CLOSED]

    I would like to buy 1m
  8. I'm training my pokemons and in one of the fights I won 375k, what was the maximum you won?
  9. CLCAL

    Report Hack #2

    One more haker...
  10. CLCAL

    Report Hacker

    ClickHereToBan is a hacker
  11. CLCAL

    Archive Account Levels

    I thought the accounts could have levels related to xp, the more xp you have, the higher your level and at each level you would receive rewards, like pokemons, money, item, avatars...