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  1. DrySponge

    Experience EXP training

    Exp trainer Will train any pokemon for a good trade to level 100 can pay with boxes,pokedollars,pokemon or items
  2. DrySponge

    General EXP trainer

  3. DrySponge

    General EXP trainer

    Or else you decide then we negotiate
  4. DrySponge

    General EXP trainer

    Depends what lvl he already is one. if around lvl 15, around 20 to 25k
  5. DrySponge

    General EXP trainer

    I know but some people want to value their time so that's why it is open for everyone
  6. DrySponge

    General EXP trainer

    I am an exp trainer. Any one wants pokemon trained to lvl 100, contact me IGN:DrySponge Will take payments in items,money or pokemon Will give the pokemon back in 24 hours or 48 hours
  7. I heard that there is a discord quiz which we can take.

    Can you tell it?