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  1. kieshara

    Zygarde Returns


    oh dear,.. thanks
  2. kieshara

    Zygarde Returns


    Q - Where can I find Zygarde (Core)?A - Zygarde (Core) can be found on the grass maps during the night only and have the same rarity as legendary Pokémon. so i do need all the badges ... i still cant beat the battle frontiers
  3. thanks so i can go head and look for those cells?
  4. do i have to have all the badges to find a zygarde cell?
  5. about 2/3 days ago i had to disable my adblocker to play the game... its since then its gone slow for me
  6. is it just me or do anyone else feel the pain of slowness of the ads in the game? since the ads popped up the game is kinda slow for me now...
  7. ugh ... all these  ads is distracting me

  8. on the front page i see this Only available, here on Pokemon Vortex are the newly created legendary Pokemon, Darkrown and Mewtwo (Armor).Available in all types, Normal, Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Shadow and Metallic!Sign up to Version 3 and get yours now! how do you get those 2 pokemon?? darkrown and mewtwo (armor)
  9. is in the mood for a shiny race

  10. how do i make a status update on my profile? 

    1. sportsandmusic69


      Click your username at the top right, then go to your profile. Choose to edit your profile then you should see "Enable status updates?", and make sure it's enabled and green, then save. After that refresh or go to the next page and click "Create" at the top, you'll see "Status" has now appeared. Go from there and you can create a status update now.

    2. Mikael


      patrick how can I defeat you in a pokemon battle!?! you've been playing for more than me!...

  11. can i have your shiny for my
  12. wow  i love the purple...... it blends in my room <3 

  13. kieshara

    log in feature

    everytime i close my browser (sometimes by accident) i have to log in agian... or if i click on the FAQ thing at the bottom of the page ... have to log in agian why cant there be a "stay logged in" option?
  14. kieshara

    Super Secret Event


    i just git a level 51
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