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  1. markvijaymersal

    Universal Donation Pokemon For Trade

    what will you offer for shadow absol
  2. markvijaymersal

    Experience Offering Exp! (New Deals!)

    ok but just saying how will you offer 2 million pokedolllars when you have only 1.7 million poke dolllars
  3. markvijaymersal

    Other Superhero films

    That films is awesome
  4. markvijaymersal

    Experience Offering Exp! (New Deals!)

    what about a shiny pachirusu
  5. markvijaymersal

    Other Superhero films

    What is your favourite superhero film?
  6. markvijaymersal

    Discussion Last seconders

    There is no problem with them doing that as they want those pokemons too
  7. markvijaymersal

    Other black panther

    I agree anarchist
  8. I guess u don't speak Russian..

    Anywayz, this Song is for ya.. :)



  9. markvijaymersal

    Answered Arceus ( Ghost )

    How does he get all these good pokemon no one else has
  10. markvijaymersal

    Universal Xp training jobs

    How much for a mettalic genesect
  11. markvijaymersal

    Universal Xp training jobs

    How much would you give for a dark arceus
  12. markvijaymersal

    Other avengers infinity war

    Are you going to watch avengers 3 when it comes out. I am and if you are, reply please
  13. markvijaymersal

    Other black panther

    Have you seen the king of wakanda in action yet . Reply and if you've watched it, please give a rating . I rate 100/100
  14. i have 99 level 100 pokemon, reply on how much you have
  15. markvijaymersal

    Other ultra beast war

    which is better? buzzwole or kartna?