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  1. strayaZilas

    Answered Banned from discord

  2. strayaZilas

    Answered Banned from discord

  3. strayaZilas

    Answered Banned from discord

    because you’re 12
  4. strayaZilas

    Answered Discord Voice Chat

    https://discordapp.com/invite/pokemonvortex you can talk with a microphone by joining one of the voice chat channels you might wanna ask in the #general channel if anyone is feeling up for a voice chat to see if anyone is interested in joining you, some times are better than others with more willing participants around.
  5. strayaZilas

    Bug coucht a pokemon but is not showing up

    what is your IGN?
  6. strayaZilas

    Contest Most damage dealt wins

    I'm case Vul gets disqualified for editing his post ign strayaZilas
  7. strayaZilas

    Answered Timezone

    Hi, what country are you in, and if its a large place which area? (state, closest capital etc)
  8. strayaZilas

    Answered What is my timezone?

    Hi there, what state of America do you live in? That will help determine which timezone as there are a few in USA Edit: This topic has been resolved now.
  9. strayaZilas

    Resolved Clock not showing

    Hi there, the update is being rolled over today and as part of that, the clock is rendered redundant as you can now set your in-game time to your own time. If you go to options in the side menu and look at the bottom, there will be an option to chance your timezone to your own time, the game times will run on this from now on once you change it. You will only be able to set your time once, so be 100% sure you're choosing the right one.
  10. strayaZilas

    Answered In game worth of store Legends

    Hey there, on our official Vortex discord server there's a discord bot that has commands to see what items and pokemon have recently sold for, it'd probably be a huge help for you in getting familiar with general pricing.
  11. strayaZilas

    Run, Therian, run!


    Happy birthday!!
  12. strayaZilas

    Yardım Therian Etkinlik

    Thundurus (Therian) elektrik 16-17 Landorus (Therian) mağara alanı 10-15 Tornadus (Therian) çim 1-9
  13. I stumbled upon this just now while editing the wiki and was told I was uploading a duplicate image when uploading the shiny minior (meteor) image. Double checked on the website annnnd they are the same
  14. strayaZilas

    Run, Therian, run!


    71%-78%, 1325 battles, no point going further than that
  15. strayaZilas

    Unanswered Forgot My Username

    Heya, not sure if anyone else has helped you directly but I had a few ideas of things you could try to remember your username. Were you in a clan? If you remember the name you'll be able to search it up and see the list of members. Did you have anything up for trade that you can remember? If so you'll be able to search the poke up.