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  1. strayaZilas

    Unanswered Forgot My Username

    Heya, not sure if anyone else has helped you directly but I had a few ideas of things you could try to remember your username. Were you in a clan? If you remember the name you'll be able to search it up and see the list of members. Did you have anything up for trade that you can remember? If so you'll be able to search the poke up.
  2. strayaZilas

    Giveaway Marky's Giveaways #BFTL

    John, known as a discord master with a side gig at google. He runs the interweb as we know it.
  3. strayaZilas

    Idea Change Team Filters

    I see, personally I open the change team and view all pokemon pages in two different tabs to let me sort through the pokes in one screen and then make the team changes in the other if that helps you for now.
  4. strayaZilas

    Idea Change Team Filters

    Do you mean like this? They're already dropdown options, you may have missed them. (Located on view your pokemon page)
  5. where are the keldeos hiding?? :(

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      Away from you.


    3. adrsh2146


      Baby Shark ate them 

    4. waybig


      not in my account647

  6. strayaZilas

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    That's right, that way is good if you wanna list a few things at once. There's another way too, if you go to view all your pokemon, there's an icon under each one that has two little arrows, that one will list it for trade too. All a matter of preference though
  7. strayaZilas

    Both Block people on Pokebay

    I agree 100% on having the option to block users from appearing on Pokebay. To branch out slightly, being able to block users from offering on your trades would be an absolute godsend as well. Some people just offer junk over and over probably hoping you’ll accidentally accept. This would really help just by existing, discouraging people from flooding Pokebay or overpricing their auctions constantly.
  8. strayaZilas

    Resolved banned by Pokemon Vortex?

    Maybe try reading the rules and I'm sure you'll find something there that you have done to get banned. People don't just get banned for no reason.
  9. strayaZilas

    Answered Is this normal?

    This is a known glitch that normally occurs when you first start searching maps after logging in. To stop it from happening, catching any map pokemon whenever you notice it happening should fix it for you.
  10. strayaZilas

    Answered Legendary

    Just try to go at a slower pace while searching, I know its easy to get into a rhythm and stop paying attention. Maybe practice clicking the arrows with your cursor instead, or taking your finger off the arrow key momentarily between each movement.
  11. strayaZilas

    Idea a button to delete avatars

    When you want to sell an avatar, there's an alternative method to list them singularly that eliminates the risk of it accidentally placing the wrong one. Through navigation go item inventory > avatars > pokebay button next to the specific avatar and it will take you to an auction listing page for just that one.
  12. strayaZilas

    Answered Database Connection Failed

    From Discord: He is aware of the issue and the site will be back up as soon as it is possible.
  13. strayaZilas

    Answered I think I'm locked out of my account

    Have you tried resetting your password via email? When you attempt to logon to Vortex, under the username and password section there's a little link called "forgot your password?", if you signed up with a correct email you'll be able to regain entry that way.
  14. Hi @Patrick, I've recently been updating the map pool pages for Vortex's wiki, (for example, https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Map_11) I've used these pages since I started, and last night I updated them all to reflect on v4 changes - adding ultra beasts, moving things to the rare section that were common in the past, removing things that don't spawn anymore (like ivysaur, shelgon etc) and adding about 30+ missing gen 7s and fixing up things that appear day and/or night. I've gotten it to the point where I'm quite happy but am feeling there's still a few inaccuracies or things missing particularly from the rare pools, and was wondering if you possibly had a document that listed all of the appearances, rarities and day/night specifics of each map so I can make these pages 110% accurate, as https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/List_of_Pokemon_By_Location this page still lists some pokes like ivysaur as catchable. Its all good if not, just thought I'd ask before trying to figure out the data between some map hunting friends. I'm also happy to help with adding in the gen 8 pokes when they are incorporated into the game when that time comes, or fixing some minor v4 errors on the list of pokes by location page, just let me know Thanks!
  15. So I had an idea I wanted to share because it seemed alright in theory.. I was thinking about how it'd be cool if we had a chance to incorporate and show off some art in-game. For example: - being able to add a small banner or picture into our profile bios - somewhere on the site to display custom digital art done by ourselves or commissioned by others of our pokemon. (maybe a tab in our profile, or a link when we bring up a pokemon or our card in bot commands on Discord) - if it gained popularity, an official pokemon art contest of some sort I've seen sites in the past that have allowed users to buy art commissions from others with in-game currency that have worked really well, where good quality art is a real hot commodity and makes accounts deemed "better". (can direct you there if you wanna check it out). People could offer their events or PD in exchange for nice profile banners, drawings of their favourite pokes, etc. I feel like it would diversify our community and bring in a new artsy audience if it were given enough significance and attention in the game. It would also be a nice little hobby that would give people something other to do than trading to acquire events/wealth in Vortex if their banners and pokemon art are sought after. We've got the forums here for people to put up "stalls", and if it were linked to us in bot commands I'm sure it'd be fun looking at great art and having a laugh at some silly stuff people come up with as well. Just thought I'd share as it could definitely attract a whole different bunch of Vortex players and give people a chance at getting pokemon/money in-game without dealing with the headache of trading and the whole "skemming" culture, which detracts from the enjoyment for some.