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  1. Tart Apple can be obtained as a potential prize in sidequests (galar region) or purchased on Pokebay from another player.
  2. The upcoming location guide will contain day/night and grass/water information
  3. Hi, it seems you caught the wiki right in the middle of me getting those dex pages updated with new locations - gen 6 and 7 were the last ones left and were completed today. A full list like the v4 one will come soon, in the meantime I recommend Tipsyturtle's guide linked above which has proven reliable for many players.
  4. Hi there, the new maps are not based on regions of the game, pokemon can be found all over from Johto and Orange Islands.
  5. Starter pokemon are a part of the "rare" pool of encounters in Vortex, so may be a bit challenging to find compared to other more common pokes. If you keep looking in the right spots you're bound to find one. Good luck!
  6. this is the ****test idea ive ever seen on this forum
  7. Sir my trainer card looking slightly nicer is important too.
  8. Good day Vortexians, today I present you with something we've all been dying for and wishing for, for a very long time now. I am merely the first(?) to write in about it! Love balls. I would love to capture pokemon in love balls (purely for aesthetic purposes.) Please make my dreams come true, mr. kind admin bros, so I can flex my trainer card harder. Imagine this but love balls:
  9. Why did the Miltank cross the road?





    To get to the udder side.

  10. A premium account is a paid subscription membership available in the Vortex store. You can view a list of perks for premium here on the store page.
  11. I don't recommend doing this when buying from the store, as it will autofill their username there next time you're making a purchase. If you happen to miss that/forget it was changed, you may accidentally send your future purchase to them as well.
  12. I'm a fan actually, and here's why. If you don't buy MBs, you will be able to constantly look for the things you're missing on auctions - more challenging and fun hunting them down instead of having to save up every month to buy one of each of one set. If you do buy MBs, even if you get something you weren't after, it isn't going to be worthless as there will be a continually growing pool. There will always be new and old players trying to get any given thing in their OT. So if you sold things you didn't want, you have more PD available when something you DO want comes along. It also retains the value of everything a lot better, especially future events that never get an exclusive monthly run and are only a chance in the new, large pool. Many people complained about nothing ever having value anymore, here's the answer that doesn't even hurt what has become of MBs.
  13. There are already measures in place to detect suspicious activity, while not interfering with a legitimate player's gaming experience (captchas are generally very disliked). As far as unknowingly trading for illegitimate exp, I personally recommend only trading with trustworthy users. A few things to keep in mind: If a deal is too good to be true, it likely is. If the account is very empty and not much has been done on it apart from training the poke they're trading off, avoid. If they're being very urgent/insistent on trading quickly, avoid. Our discord server also has a way to see how recently something has been trained and by who, which is a very valuable function.
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