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  1. It'd be cool if there could be a command to bring up more than just the single top pokemon, maybe the ability to list the top 5 or so as well? There are some highly competitive pokes out there, it'd be cool to be able to see what else there is. For the quiz I've spoken with a couple of friends and we would appreciate maybe some extended time on particularly long answers, due to people being inconsiderate and immediately autofilling things like "10,000,000 volt thunderbolt" and "light that burns the sky", it often renders these rounds impossible for people who are manually typing th
  2. You can get a dusk form lycanroc by evolving your rockruff for one hour only each day between 17:00 and 17:59. That your local time, assuming you've set your timezone correctly.
  3. Poipole can be encountered in any of the grass patches on route 13, there are no cases overall of a poke being limited in that way. Ultra beasts are incredibly rare and can take a long time or a lot of luck to find.
  4. I just had a look and it looks like you have all of your ribbons apart from the 8th one (Galar). You can find legendaries from every region except Galar at this point. If you'd like to look at your badges/ribbons, you can click on your username in the top left corner of the game and the ribbons are shown along the bottom, and one of the red buttons can show you your badge collection.
  5. hi straya

    1. strayaZilas
    2. PokemonZayden


      I saw you read my thread and heard the problem at the time. I hope you were not affected by The Imposter on discord

    3. DarkRagePlayzYT


      hi i found the ribbons but i don get any legendary pokemons on the maprayquazaor any other legendary pink help GIF by Denyse

  6. I reckon if it took up half the screen and had flashing lights and the whole works, people would still not hesitate to bother me asking to trade, unfortunately this game seems to attract a lot of people who don't read or seem capable of taking no for an answer lol.
  7. I really like this as a compliment to the living dex we currently have. It would be fun seeking out all the fossils and events and such from friends and helping each other out. Love ideas that add to the collecting side of the game.
  8. v5 only came out about 10 weeks ago, lets not get too ahead of ourselves. Things like new avatars and sprites can come at any time, new things will continually be added during v5.
  9. I back this idea. It meets in the middle between wanting to introduce the birds, while not having to shelve the porygon forms for the foreseeable future - causing the market to go funky for them. I personally own 7 unique porygon forms and have finished top 5 of four occasions, and I'm one of the people Fred approached about how it'd feel to have the dual prize pool. Just as archives are only going to be displayed from last month on and my time won't be in the records, we all know what we're signing up for when we attempt seasonals. A porygon form and no bird was enough when I decided to com
  10. There's a blue cog underneath the map clock that allows you to adjust your graphic settings and toggle out of full screen mode. Try giving this a go to see if it makes a difference.
  11. Players will sometimes use a VPN, which changes their online location to appear like they are in a different part of the world. If a player logs in while in a different location, their account flag will change and they will appear in the respective local leaderboard of that country.
  12. strayaZilas

    Answered Mew

    Mew can be found on Route 2 during the day time.
  13. Into the Unown pt 2 is a postponed event, it involved Unown (1) and Unown (0) but we haven't been given all the details of what part 2 will involve. The Unown Cave is a permanent part of the new maps, the only temporary thing is the Unown 1s and 0s that can be found there as a rare encounter.
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