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  1. my ign paws was banned for no reason i was training my mystic mime jr for god_v2 and i received a message to verify that i was not botting and then i clicked continue and it was loading for about 2 minutes and then i clicked members option and it showed me seesion expire message then i logged out and then i tried logging in but no it says Your account has been banned by Pokémon Vortex please patrick i dont know wht is botting please help me pat in discord i will post you the image with the time
  2. I Thought That If There Was An Option In The Dashboard To Directly Goto The Last Person You Battled It Would Be Helpful For Trainers.
  3. if you are using a mobile you may face this problem and it also happens if you have an outdated browser just update it this is not a bug. hope it helped
  4. yes i was also thinking the same as it increases one's love for vortex.
  5. This Is An Idea,That: Can You Make Original Trainer To Be Changed Example: If I Have Traded Or Bought A Cosmog Of Someone,After 1 Year Or More If The Pokemon Is With Me Only Can You Make Me The Original Trainer.
  6. Just Thinking About The Next Event................

    1. sportsandmusic69
    2. Fire Blaze

      Fire Blaze

      It will in june or july or aug ...big one...am I right :ph34r:

    3. PawsInvincible


      that's why chris is also Online?Big Event Is Upcoming....

  7. Can You Tell Me The List Of Pokemons Or Balls Or Items Or Anything That Can Be Claimed.Thnks In Advance
  8. Ign: Paws 22 Nice Giveaway pokefansehas .Hope I Win Thnks
  9. Can Someone Tell Me What Is The Maximum Money That Can Be Won IN A Battle? Is There Anyway We Can Get More Than 3,000 Experience.
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