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  1. Hey guys....i am hosting a giveaway....again. This time its pretty good one.. Yes it is a DP Shadow Fairy and with 500k exp...I trained it thats why its fair...Gonna complete my 3rd wonderful year of Vortex...Love you all and back.... Giveaway ends within 1 month..yes thats long. To Enter entering is a piece of cake just 1)Your IGN 2)What you love most about Vortex?? Well thats it Best of luck for the giveaway GL Thanks Pat for making my childhood wonderful (Waiting for someone) NO DOUBLE POST Ending on April 4th
  2. ShinyChamp123

    Contest 2 Years Giveaway by fodn

    Lol 2nd
  3. ShinyChamp123

    Giveaway Volcanion Promo Code Giveaway

    Lmao bro, fed up??
  4. ShinyChamp123

    Contest 2 Years Giveaway by fodn

    Shinychamp Gl for the upcoming time in vortex....
  5. Why is it hard to get some followers:ph34r:??

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      lul,it took 5 minutes of my life to write that :><:

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      Yeah didnt notice....:><:

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  6. ShinyChamp123

    Giveaway Volcanion Promo Code Giveaway

    Suprisingly dude it is........Yeah its pretty much over
  7. ShinyChamp123

    Contest Kittykats Gift That Keeps On Giving #1

    IGN--ShinyChamp Ty KitKat
  8. ShinyChamp123

    Giveaway Giveaway

    That's a Meltan......... Btw guys the giveaway is over..... RIP to late comers that Giratina is already gone..
  9. ShinyChamp123

    Answered Legendary Pokemon

    Did you defeat the battle frontiers also? They are also to be defeated then only you can catch legendary Pokemon. If you want to check if you can catch legendary pokemons then go to your "view/edit Your profile".scroll down. There will be messege written about you are able to find legendaries Like this: - You ARE able to find legendary Pokémon currently.You have defeated all necessary gyms to find legendary Pokémon on the maps Hope it helped
  10. ShinyChamp123

    Idea Daily Quests

    Yeah it should be like: - Catch a specific Pokemon e.g eevee Evolve 10 Pokemon Catch 20 new Pokemon Win 100 battles In this way we can enjoy more and would be beneficial for us In completing these we can get some good rewards like some unique rare or legendary.....
  11. ShinyChamp123

    Universal ExP farm

    Dude shiny furfrou star is not worth 4mil it is rare
  12. ShinyChamp123

    Answered igglibuff evolution

    A Pokémon needs 73 points to gain a heart. The exception is the last heart, which only takes 35 points. All Pokémon that need happiness hearts to evolve need 3 hearts (220 points). The exception is Sylveon, which needs 4 hearts (255 points). Sylveon is the final evolved form of Eevee. Since happiness points per battle is randomized (1 or 2), players would need somewhere between 37 to 73 battles in order to gain 1 heart for their Pokémon. Happiness is not reset when a Pokémon is traded.
  13. ShinyChamp123

    Idea "Buy Now" price in the pokebay

    Yeah it will lesser down the bidding spirit Well a stupid would only put a masterball for 1,000,000.......
  14. ShinyChamp123

    Idea "Buy Now" price in the pokebay

    Well the meaning of auction is to bid on a particular thing..... If we suggest to put a 'but now' option then most of the people will opt for the Buy Now option and bidding will get extinct... Well I think we should make a pokebay for friends only so we can bid with our friends.... Atleast we should be happy that Pat has done that much for us..Thx Pat
  15. A very happy belated birthday @yogeshfederer;)

    Srry about being late...