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  1. ShinyChamp123

    General want to win $1million?

    I have 5 volcas and i xan trade u 1 for some unique leggie
  2. ShinyChamp123

    General want to win $1million?

    Seriously do i need to follow you??? You are gonna break my streak of not following anybody anyways..... I need the money cause I Am Greedy.... I will even give you a Pokeball to you for your money.... See generosity?
  3. ShinyChamp123

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    IGN-ShinyChamp Won 1 or 2 from here but I m greedy for more Ty Vitol
  4. ShinyChamp123

    Pokémon Vortex 10th Anniversary


    V5 pls
  5. Hey guys....i am hosting a giveaway....again. This time its pretty good one.. Yes it is a DP Shadow Fairy and with 500k exp...I trained it thats why its fair...Gonna complete my 3rd wonderful year of Vortex...Love you all and back.... Giveaway ends within 1 month..yes thats long. To Enter entering is a piece of cake just 1)Your IGN 2)What you love most about Vortex?? Well thats it Best of luck for the giveaway GL Thanks Pat for making my childhood wonderful (Waiting for someone) NO DOUBLE POST Ending on April 10th
  6. ShinyChamp123

    Giveaway giving away a legendary uxie

  7. ShinyChamp123

    Contest Shadow Fairy......with exp

    Hehe someone is...Jealous.Lets see only some hours to go
  8. ShinyChamp123

    Contest Shadow Fairy......with exp

    The times up! Fodn lost his chance of getting an astounding FREE fairy.. (Well that counts ur luck sucks ;)) .... Gotta chose a new winner.... So.. The winner for the giveaway is..... @eurstin!! I don't know if this means too much but yea Congrats.!! Pls offer a silly, noobie, unwanted, and most hated Pokemon on my fairy within24 HOURS
  9. ShinyChamp123

    Pokémon Vortex 10th Anniversary


    Happy Birthday in Advance bro (I m bad with dates cauze)
  10. ShinyChamp123

    Contest Shadow Fairy......with exp

    FINALLY the giveaway has ended...... and the name of the winner is...... FODN!! @fodnbilal I even don't know why did the random choosing system chose him.... Quite suprising Well if he doesn't reply or quote me within 24 hours the winner will be changed... Kudos! Thank you @Patrick for making the game more enjoyable... Atleast reply to me.... Thank you all people for entering the giveaway and being frnds with me..All will be missed till then if my mind thinks it different I will host another great giveaway... Once again thanks you all My dream to make 500frnds in-game currently 20 IGN-ShinyChamp @fodnbilal just offer a silly unwanted most hated Pokemon on my Fairy.. Fast
  11. ShinyChamp123

    Giveaway Marky's Giveaways #BFTL

    Quite confusing but.... Owner of the game fodn (Well it can't happen... It would definitely be a nightmare for Pat )
  12. ShinyChamp123

    Answered Is Necrozma a Ultra Beast?

    Well it is an Ultra Beast my friend..... You seem to be confused with the Ultra Beast thing https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Ultra_Beast Possibly it will help Necrozma is a Psuedo Ultra Beast and therby will be caught only using a Beast Ball or a Vortex Ball
  13. ShinyChamp123

    Contest Shadow Fairy......with exp

    Srry for the Big Delay as the giveaway was gonna end on 6th April but now shall end on 10√h of April It is due to some unavoidable work that I m not able to decide the winner so pls forgive me this time it will end surely on 10th Of April
  14. ShinyChamp123

    Idea Look for Pokémon by their nickname

    Yeah it will be very effective as for players who have thousands of same Pokemons will be able to find the specific Pokemon faster without wasting time.... Nice idea I hope it gets recognition and application
  15. ShinyChamp123

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    In shinychamp Won 1 from here but came back cuz I m hungry for more
  16. ShinyChamp123

    Contest 2 Years Giveaway by fodn

    Lol 2nd
  17. ShinyChamp123

    Giveaway Volcanion Promo Code Giveaway

    Lmao bro, fed up??
  18. ShinyChamp123

    Contest 2 Years Giveaway by fodn

    Shinychamp Gl for the upcoming time in vortex....
  19. Why is it hard to get some followers:ph34r:??

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    2. fodnbilal


      lul,it took 5 minutes of my life to write that :><:

    3. ShinyChamp123


      Yeah didnt notice....:><:

    4. fodnbilal
  20. ShinyChamp123

    Giveaway Volcanion Promo Code Giveaway

    Suprisingly dude it is........Yeah its pretty much over
  21. ShinyChamp123

    Contest Kittykats Gift That Keeps On Giving #1

    IGN--ShinyChamp Ty KitKat
  22. ShinyChamp123

    Giveaway Giveaway

    That's a Meltan......... Btw guys the giveaway is over..... RIP to late comers that Giratina is already gone..
  23. ShinyChamp123

    Answered Legendary Pokemon

    Did you defeat the battle frontiers also? They are also to be defeated then only you can catch legendary Pokemon. If you want to check if you can catch legendary pokemons then go to your "view/edit Your profile".scroll down. There will be messege written about you are able to find legendaries Like this: - You ARE able to find legendary Pokémon currently.You have defeated all necessary gyms to find legendary Pokémon on the maps Hope it helped
  24. ShinyChamp123

    Idea Daily Quests

    Yeah it should be like: - Catch a specific Pokemon e.g eevee Evolve 10 Pokemon Catch 20 new Pokemon Win 100 battles In this way we can enjoy more and would be beneficial for us In completing these we can get some good rewards like some unique rare or legendary.....
  25. ShinyChamp123

    Universal ExP farm

    Dude shiny furfrou star is not worth 4mil it is rare