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  1. I want to evolve my Shiny Nosepass, Baunhelsen it's my in game name
  2. Baunhelsen

    My Shiny Shop

    I want the Shiny Ditto. What pokemon do you want?
  3. Baunhelsen

    My Shiny Shop

    You are offering too much my friend
  4. Baunhelsen

    My Shiny Shop

    Sorry, I already have those
  5. Baunhelsen

    My Shiny Shop

    Yes, of course, you can offer ongame Sure!
  6. Baunhelsen

    My Shiny Shop

    Sorry, Im looking only for Shiny pokemons Flareon only for another rare or legend, and for the chespin one common shiny is too cheap, sorry
  7. Baunhelsen

    My Shiny Shop

    Deal, you can offer them on game, look for Baunhelsen
  8. Baunhelsen

    My Shiny Shop

    Hi everyone. The main cause for this thread is that I'm looking for Shiny Pokemons The prices that I would like to pay are the next, but we can bargain on the offers, so please, don't take them too literal: 1 Normal Legend = 3 Common Shiny 1 Unique Legend = 1 Rare Shiny or 1 Legend Shiny 1 Normal Starter = 3 Common Shiny 1 Unique Starter = 1 Shiny Starter or 1 Shiny Rare 1 Normal Rare = 3 Common Shiny 1 Unique Rare = 1 Shiny Rare or 1 Shiny Starter The Pokemons that I have available are (I wil updating the list): Legends <x2 <x2 <x2<x2 Starters Rares <x3 I'm looking mainly for these pokemons: AND ANY OTHER SHINY RARE/STARTER OR LEGEND Baunhelsen is my game username, you can offer Thanks a lot for your time!
  9. Im able to evolve to (High Plains) I got , trading it for another Shiny Vivillon
  10. My Shiny Azelf for your Shiny Uxie. I have a Shadow Munchlax on trade, I would like a Shiny rare
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