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  1. joshua258 is definitely dexter258's alt, u can see simply by looking at the ots of pokemon. kudos to him thinking that such a blatant lie can cover up his scam. and yes this is definitely not his first scam, but hopefully his last.
  2. those who don't admit to their mistakes that let to the ban clearly just wants to get unbanned despite full knowledge of exactly what they did. same goes for you.
  3. edisonoyz

    Answered time

    7am and 7pm respectively
  4. nothing is to be solved, u have had your question answered numerous amount of times
  5. that's just tragic. well, just block people like anastasia2017 would be the best course of action, not much can be done.
  6. IGN: Edisonoyz Top 3 of your Favorite Pokemon: torterra, milotic, greninja Why do you want to win: who doesn't want to win ?
  7. 1. Meloetta 2. Dazzling Gleam, Focus Punch, Psychic and Shadow Ball 3. bonsly 4. riolu is trash 5. rayquaza set probably, idk  ign: Edisonoyz
  8. dude, provide screenshots. but yes, i can assure that he definitely intended to scam, hopefully he will get banned soon. as for the code, i am pretty sure he doesn't have it and just said he has one for the means of trying to scam.
  9. for some reason you have me blocked so i cant reply to you, so i will state my answer here. probably shiny froakie.
  10. shiny charmander/shiny froakie for 3 unique legends (come to pm if u want to decide on the 3 unique legends beforehand). let me know on vortex when u catch them. ign: edisonoyz
  11. you are joking right ? learn about the game and the rates before u do trading.
  12. in that case, change your first post to "trading shiny groudon (primal) for 10 million money and 10 million exp."
  13. u didnt have to create another post, once again just insert the screenshots here.
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