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  1. tracking this, waiting for an opening
  2. I have Shiny Cyndaquil, Shiny Arceus, and Shiny Riolu! I don't know if your list is up to date!
  3. So I happen to have dupes of a lot of pokemon you need. I separated it into map pokes, rares, and legendaries. For the map poke's, I'm down to trade 1:1 map pokes of any unique map poke I'm missing. As for the rares/leggies, I don't need the events but if you have something else, please let me know. Sorry I didn't use the form though, I realized I have a few too many for the form lol. My IGN is: schartface my missing poke: https://paste.ee/p/QWBQu ??? = idk if you need the evo of it x2/x3 = means I have even more dupes, if you wanna evolve them up
  4. ah, i did read it, i interpreted offer as offer on this thread. went over my head.
  5. Lf shiny bulbasaur, shiny chikorita, shiny froakie, shiny squirtle, shiny treecko can offer shiny cyndaquil, shiny tepig, shiny eevee, or i also have a lot of normal event promo code's if you find any let me know and i'll trade with ya
  6. mystic meditite x1 dark burmy steel x2 (female and male) for dark riolu?
  7. sorry mate i dont think thats worth it! also im all set on shiny groudon primal
  8. i have all of those now i think, ill have to update the post! sorry
  9. eh im not very interesting in shadow or mystic.. however i do need to start collecting them soon currently working on shiny & dark!
  10. okay! id like to offer met shadow vivillon pokeball code and potentially shadow arceus (dark) code
  11. i have shadow aerodactyl and mystic omanyte! i also have dark leafeon if you need any eeveelutions i also have shiny cyndaquil, shiny swampert, & shiny chimchar!
  12. how much exp for a metallic dark code? :`0
  13. pm me! ign is schartface but i much rather discord, my name is: scharty#6137
  14. Tracking this, please let me know when you're free to do more!
  15. im sorry I forgot to remove that! I would love to work out a trade for shiny oshawott though, please (preferably) msg me on discord: scharty#6137 or ign: schartface
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