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  1. Metallic-Wolf

    Report I got scammed big time

    Yes i saw ur argument with shadow in the chat and u mentioned that u have some proof of the chats with him,so can u reveal it pls so that the admins may help u
  2. Metallic-Wolf

    Error Pichu Error/Bug.

    I just climed a pichu today from the daily login and i wanted to check how many pichu i have but when i entered the name it showed a in normal section but there was no number that showed how many pichu i had i dont knw this i a bug or glitch just resolve it please thnks
  3. Metallic-Wolf

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    Ign : MetallicWolf Have Only Two And Want More Thnks ~Nice Giveaway
  4. Metallic-Wolf

    Error Not able to send messages

    I Also face such problem can anyone solve that or tell howz it occuring
  5. Metallic-Wolf

    Giveaway Clan Legendary Hunterz Giveaway

    Ign : MetallicWolf
  6. Pat Just check there are many unanswered ques. i also want to know the answers hope u are not too busy pls clear the ques.:^_^:

  7. Metallic-Wolf

    Giveaway Clan Legendary Hunterz Giveaway

    Ign: MetallicWolf Hope U Reach Your Goal To Become No.1 Clan GoodLuck From My Side To U And Your Clan-Mates
  8. Metallic-Wolf

    Unanswered Lost Account

    admin will not email bro if u know the email just go to forgot your password in the login page and type ur username that will automatically send u the website address where u can change ur password without typing the old password that address will be available only in the email account linked to ur account hope it helped
  9. This Is a bad idea for exp trainers and the people who are interested in Exp. From this the people who have started playing this game now and are in the aim of completing dex will be affected as they only train and trade for Exp only as they don't have anything rather than training Exp. Or As sportsandmusic69 said there should be tax for trading more than 1 Million Exp. Finally,I Don't like "the Idea".
  10. Metallic-Wolf

    Answered buzzwole

    Not only beast ball it can be captured through vortex ball also.
  11. Metallic-Wolf

    Answered Name Change

    Its Not Possible To change the name of your account bro. Maybe,i am not sure i think it is not possible
  12. Metallic-Wolf

    Giveaway [Ended[

    ign: MetallicWolf Favourite Food: Pizza I just want to visit Spain.
  13. Metallic-Wolf

    Ayuda Quiero recuperar mi cuenta

    un amigo le pide a patrick que le diga a su dirección de correo electrónico que le dirá que puede recuperar la contraseña de su cuenta usando ese Espero que haya ayudado amigo
  14. Metallic-Wolf

    Contest Mystery Pokemon giveaway

    Ign: MetallicWolf Reply No.: 25 Thanks For The Giveaway
  15. Metallic-Wolf

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    Ign: MetallicWolf Don't Have Any Yet Hope I Win This One Atleast.