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  1. Metallic-Wolf

    Experience For> Events.Training Shop!

    bro i think you did not understand my post it says i am the "trainer" and i want pokemons on that list and i will train them exp so if you have anything from the list pm me
  2. Metallic-Wolf

    Idea Multiple Pokemon Teams

    It's an upcoming feature which will be seen in vortex have you seen that option striked out in the change team page its the same option that enables you to change any saved team
  3. Metallic-Wolf

    Unanswered Seasonal top

    i have observed this that you have to catch a lot and train a lot at once before you log off means that u will not get if you come online and catch something like 5 pokemons and go offline catch a lot of pokemons and very important thing i have observed is that don't train/battle doing exp it will be not gaining you much points in doing training """"""just catch pokes it will fetch more points than training """" I don't know about Foaming he might train something like 2 mil if he gets on hope it cleared your doubts on seasonal bro
  4. Metallic-Wolf

    Unanswered Seasonal top

    Bro i'll clarify it to you this works on the simple logic (and there are other posts which is about this one just look into it) it just works on catching pokemons and battling them in a month i.e,. a season when u catch a pokemon that you didnt catch it before in that month you will get points after that you release it sell it or trade it it doesn't affect your points and total experience dont count only the points in that season counts battling also gains u some points and u must be catching more pokes if dont you'll fall from the list.Hope it helped you anyone correct me if i am wrong
  5. Metallic-Wolf

    Experience For> Events.Training Shop!

    Hello,here is a few events i want (only few) for experience Just pick the events you have from my list.. these are the events: That's The One's I Want For Now. Ign: MetallicWolf. (While Copying Just Don't Copy The FullStop ) Just Pick the pokemons you got that is on the list and pm me here with your offer of exp i will look into it. Thanks.
  6. Metallic-Wolf

    Experience New and improved exp shop

    Please stop advertising ashgamechanger in someone's post go and advertise on your post.IKmaster100 and eurstin have told you earlier of the post also
  7. Metallic-Wolf

    Feedback Message notifications

    yes that was qwesome whenever a new message came when i logged in a rectangular box used to appear then i was so excited what could be the message about trade about anything that was superb but now there is no notifications only it will be displayed as (1) in the browser tab and in the bottom notification tab (only if i turned it on) so this will be a great idea if it comes again in v4 thanks porymon
  8. Metallic-Wolf

    Report Account hacked

    Is There any "Proof" he you have untill u have some proof of some messages or anything admins will not be able to help you
  9. Ign: MetallicWolf Who Will Win?~Uruguay. Best Player?~Ronaldo. Like Football?Not Much. Yeah U Are. Thanks For That Giveaway
  10. Metallic-Wolf

    Resolved Pichu Error/Bug.

    I just climed a pichu today from the daily login and i wanted to check how many pichu i have but when i entered the name it showed a in normal section but there was no number that showed how many pichu i had i dont knw this i a bug or glitch just resolve it please thnks
  11. Metallic-Wolf

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    Ign : MetallicWolf Have Only Two And Want More Thnks ~Nice Giveaway
  12. Metallic-Wolf

    Error Not able to send messages

    I Also face such problem can anyone solve that or tell howz it occuring
  13. Metallic-Wolf

    Giveaway Clan Legendary Hunterz Giveaway

    Ign : MetallicWolf
  14. Pat Just check there are many unanswered ques. i also want to know the answers hope u are not too busy pls clear the ques.:^_^:

  15. Metallic-Wolf

    Giveaway Clan Legendary Hunterz Giveaway

    Ign: MetallicWolf Hope U Reach Your Goal To Become No.1 Clan GoodLuck From My Side To U And Your Clan-Mates