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  1. Bye xD

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    2. VITOL


      RIP my Zweilous 

    3. VITOL



      human now u know to never give valuables pokes to untrusted humans and more if they want to "train" them :/

    4. unknown_citizen



      Well, I'll try to catch a myst. Marill with a :DiveBall:(since uniqueMarillr available on maps) during this week...

  2. You can offer it now on the drillbur that I put uft, but I might not get onto it for another few weeks
  3. I have finished. The budew is up for trade, please offer what was agreed upon
  4. I can do the 1.5m, yeah I train it all on one poke normally but I would finish my other jobs first.
  5. I can do that, yeah. I'll add you to the queue but don't send the Ice over yet, I don't really wanna be holding something valueable like that for someone else until I'm actually training it
  6. Pretty much what @dishpart said. I train experience for people in exchange for legendary Pokemon. They send me the Pokemon they want me to train, I train it, and then I send it back to them, and they give me the legendaries
  7. I could do that, send your zubat on one of the trash pokemon that I have uft
  8. Sorry someone already put something on my stunky lol, just dump it on any crap that I have up, i have a few
  9. 1 500 000 Sure, offer the shiny koffing or whatever on a basic pokemon that I have uft Not sure, I'll do rates for that within 24 hours if you check back then. A lot though
  10. Just to check @eurstin, should I train it to exactly 3 mil? Or do you still want me to leave it a little bit before
  11. I could even the exp out myself. Will start training it later today.
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