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  1. Mewtwo (Rogue) Mewtwo (Rampage) Mewtwo (Rex) Mewtwo (Get_Rekt) Mewtwo (Devil) Mewtwo (Area-51 Edition) Super Mew
  2. How much exp can you train for a Metallic Floette Eternal
  3. Well this happens every year on May 4th. The other such pokes we have got are Pikachu Jedi , Psyduck Jar Jar and Cubone (Vader)
  4. Yes gotta admit its the coolest poke in the game. May the 4th be with yall
  5. Noice thanksss. Where to offer And Happy Easter too ..
  6. IGN WarpRogue I have skipped a Shiny Stakataka because i bought a cubone vader for the money i had saved for beast balls
  7. Lets hope he forgets about the game for 24 hours
  8. IGN WarpRogue Any DP poke or unique deo form would do for me ( I would really prefer a unique Unbound or unique Orgin) Thanks for the giveaway
  9. IGN WarpRogue The think that i like most about vortex is the fact that i have made lots of new friends ( my friends are about 140-150 including you) and that it is the only available game of pokemon of its kind and of course people like you who host random giveaways for us so we can get Pokes we can't think of getting
  10. First create your clan page in forums in the clan section. Add a desired photo there. The webpage of your clan when produced has a number in it called the clan forum ID. Paste this in the space provided on top of clan description For more information on clan forum ID visit https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Getting_Your_Forum_Clan_ID
  11. Thats the best bug type poke for sure
  12. Can we have a welcome page which shows up whenever a new user joins the game telling them about features of the game in short with a message to them that their option to receive messages and see players on map is not turned on as many players don't keep their messages on and its impossible to reach them. I hope the admins look into the matter.
  13. I would like a mystic and shiny squirtle please
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