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  1. WarpRogue

    Answered Clan Specs

    I a clan how many co-leaders and elitest can be there?
  2. WarpRogue

    Contest Regice Giveaway

    IGN WarpRogue Fav Poke. Blastoise
  3. WarpRogue

    Giveaway November giveaway

    Happy birthday ronakcena512
  4. WarpRogue

    Answered egg system

    The time denotes the period which the egg will take to hatch. You can start hatching from 5th December. The longer time it takes to hatch, the better is the Pokemon contained in it.
  5. WarpRogue

    Answered Hatching

    Well the process of hatching will begin on 5th December. Untill then you simply can't do a thing. It will end on 7th of January.
  6. WarpRogue

    Giveaway Floette (Eternal) Giveaway!!!

    IGN : WarpRogue Fav. Stone: Time Stone Will use it to get extra hours of sleep Fav Avenger: Doctor Strange
  7. WarpRogue

    Giveaway November giveaway

    IGN WarpRogue Fav poke: Blastoise DOB 5/6/02
  8. WarpRogue

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    IGN WarpRogue 2 cosmogs now
  9. WarpRogue

    Giveaway Pokémon giveaway

    IGN WarpRogue Best Poke: My Infernape Worst Poke: Psyduck Jar jar
  10. WarpRogue

    Giveaway Giveaway! (Ended)

    IGN : WarpRogue some random things
  11. WarpRogue

    Giveaway Giveaway

    IGN : WarpRogue But I am not fat
  12. WarpRogue


    A Dark Genesect
  13. WarpRogue

    Giveaway Giveaway for 2 tapu lele (closed)

    IGN WarpRogue No. 3 Fav. poke Blastoise (mega)