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  1. WarpRogue


    A Dark Genesect
  2. WarpRogue

    Giveaway Giveaway for 2 tapu lele (closed)

    IGN WarpRogue No. 3 Fav. poke Blastoise (mega)
  3. WarpRogue

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    IGN WarpRogue 1 cosmog so far from the auctions looking for more.....
  4. WarpRogue

    Giveaway Shiny Blastoise (Mega) Giveaway

    IGN : WarpRogue Fav. Event Pokemon : KYUREM BLACK Greatest Achievement : Victory ROYALE
  5. WarpRogue

    Contest Starter Giveaway

    Accepted the offer. Thanks a lot again
  6. WarpRogue

    Contest Starter Giveaway

    Thanks a lot. I would prefer Squirtle
  7. WarpRogue

    Contest Full Genesect Lv. 100 Contest (Closed)

    IGN : WarpRogue Poke : Chandelure Reason : I would like to have a full set of atleast one Pokemon
  8. WarpRogue

    Contest Starter Giveaway

    1. WarpRogue 2. Sableye 3. Tentacruel 4. Yeah of course mate. Thanks
  9. WarpRogue

    Contest Cosmog Giveaway

    IGN : WarpRogue
  10. IGN : WarpRogue 1. Portugal 2. Cristiano Ronaldo 3. Yes Of course. My favourite 4. Yes, you are. Your generosity shows it all.. Thanks for the giveaway
  11. I really like this idea because I feel that it will bring back the balance in the game because the new comers are no where near the players who have been playing since a long time and feel inferior. At last it will spark greater interest among new comers
  12. WarpRogue

    Bug One sided trade

    I was trading with this guy IGN - SmokeyGator , and I cancelled from my side when suddenly he must have accepted. So i got the pokemon i offered for but he did not get the one I offered. I offered him the required Pokes in another trade so that I don't feel like a culprit ( and also because I felt bad at having gained something which i didn't deserve ) but please look into the matter that Trades are not one sided, cause it confused me a lot and I took some time to understand what happened. What I really want to say is that when one guys cancels his offer and another guy accepts it at the same time, what happens must be decided before hand otherwise it is a lose for one guy and gain for another
  13. WarpRogue

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    IGN : WarpRogue No. of cosmogs I have = 0 Thanks