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  1. Sprry for the late response and thank you Very much! Yes, the list is updated!
  2. Looking for and. Tradingfor all of the (or attack/defense, or )
  3. I accepted all but the one on Shiny Victini. Is there any different pokemon you would be able to offer? Thanks!
  4. Event Pokemon Discount!!! All Event pokemon went from 12 uniques to 8 uniques (A few exceptions apply, such as zygarde complete and raichu christmas)
  5. I'll have to check if I have another cosmog! Sorry forgot to update it! And i'm not sure if rotoms a legendary or not in this game lol! But if it really is a rare I'll go ahead and fix it.
  6. All pf those offers sound great! I was at work, so I couldn't accept your offer before maintenance, So I'll accept. it tomorrow when I can. Thank you again! And i can usually catch two or three in about two hours or so. I'll offer once the site is back up, sorry about that and thank you.
  7. Sure thing! pick whichever one you want! they are up for trade on maxie-magma Sounds good! is UFT! eight each sounds fine! What are you interested in?
  8. I'd be willing to trade an event deoxys or event pichu. Anything else you would be interested in let me know
  9. I've decided that since Kalos is my favorite region, I'd like to try and complete the pokedex from there. That being said, I'm willing to trade events for simple commons! The rates are as shown, and are extremely negotiable. Rates: Legend for one listed unique Unique legend (except shinies) for two listed unique Event for six-eight listed unique Unique event for two normal events/one unique event *Evolutions count as two *Starters/Vivillons are negotiable For Trade: Wanted:
  11. when your looking for unown 1 and 0 but Shiny arceus and mystic reshiram decide to appear instead after finding no legends for two days...

    1. Tritre



  12. IGN: Maxie-Magma Thank you and happy two years!
  13. Because Bellsprout is also a poison type, which has a resistance to poison, so the grass supereffective and the bug resistance cancel out to normal damage
  14. Kittykats Gift That Keeps On Giving Hello all! I have been planning this for awhile, and with the event just around the corner I figured it would be a good time to do it! I'm going to start a monthly contest that lasts for one week, every month! So without further ado, here is #1 Date:2/17/19-2/24/19 Rules: Only one entry No commenting after your entry please How to Enter: Comment your IGN... Thats it! Prizes: The prizes will start off small, but I am getting more pokemon to use for the contest often! Promo Code Lopunnite Promo Code 50X Net ball Promo Code
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