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  2. when your looking for unown 1 and 0 but Shiny arceus and mystic reshiram decide to appear instead after finding no legends for two days...

    1. Tritre



  3. IGN: Maxie-Magma Thank you and happy two years!
  4. Because Bellsprout is also a poison type, which has a resistance to poison, so the grass supereffective and the bug resistance cancel out to normal damage
  5. Kittykats Gift That Keeps On Giving Hello all! I have been planning this for awhile, and with the event just around the corner I figured it would be a good time to do it! I'm going to start a monthly contest that lasts for one week, every month! So without further ado, here is #1 Date:2/17/19-2/24/19 Rules: Only one entry No commenting after your entry please How to Enter: Comment your IGN... Thats it! Prizes: The prizes will start off small, but I am getting more pokemon to use for the contest often! Promo Code Lopunnite Promo Code 50X Net ball Promo Code
  6. *Grabs popcorn* Here are some of mine... and some others...
  7. until

    It's hard to believe it's ten years old XD I remember coming home from school, eager to hop on my old desktop computer that barely ran and pop onto pokemon vortex before my mom would tell me I needed to finish my homework and eat dinner. I would do both in a hurry because my friend from another timezone wouldn't be on too much longer. It's truly amazing how time flies. Thanks for the wonderful ten years and I hope many more are on the way
  8. Thats okay! Whats your IGN?
  9. are you doing the method where you put up a pokeball and I offer the pokedollars?
  10. Thats fine Also, would it be too much trouble if you do catch the to name is Raj? I can add an extra 50,000- 25,000 for the nickname cost and the rest for the trouble Thanks again
  11. Can you possibly hunt and? Thanks!
  12. You're fine! I would be willing to trade him for any unique I'm missing
  13. 1st-Promo Code Tritre CLAIMED 2nd- X5 Latiosite Promo Code Agha23 3rd- Audinite Promo Code XenonGX CLAIMED 4th- X100 Ultra Ball Code NutellaNavigator CLAIMED 5th- X50 Moon Ball Code Vitol CLAIMED Winners, PM me within the next 24 hours and I will send you your code!
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