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  1. LF Dark Darkrown/ Dark Sableye(mega or not) <--- All Should be nicknameable Need 1 asap. Also Trading 10m exp<--OFFER Hit me up
  2. LF Any DPs or Dark Necrozma (Nicknameable) Go check my ign: nostalgicschit for anything u like.
  3. How bout my shiny pheromosa for your dark necrozma? I'll add $$$ if u want.
  4. Whats the answer? Is it up or not?
  5. PokeMoney it is then. Ok so just tell me if youve caught those already and ill have you paid instantly. Thanks bro. Oh and dont forget the nicknames. Hahaha. Good luck!
  6. Good to hear then! So how much exp do you want respectively for a nicknameable metallic, mystic and shiny larvitar( or its evo forms), and a metallic charmander(or its evo forms)? Please tell me asap so Ill work on the exp now, and if by money, how much as well. Thanks! EDIT:Oh and please nickname the larvitars "Godzilla" while the charmander "Toothless".
  7. Sorry dude but I thought youve disregarded my request after u didnt reply when i asked how many. So i already found one myself. Sorry for the trouble. If u still interested tho, Id have a nicknameable shiny, mystic and metallic larvitar or its evo forms tho. Its ok if u dont want to do business with me anymore. Just tell me tho. Again sorry for the trouble
  8. LF Metallic and Mystic Larvitar that can be NICKNAMED. PM me for details and offers. Ign:nostalgicschit
  9. Dang u fast bro! Your services deserves some good attention bro! Highly commended. Ill be trading em now. Thanks!
  10. Hey bro u done hunting for a shadow larv? If not then you can change it to metallic or mystic larv instead. Or Both would be great. Srry for the sudden change, I just received shadow larv.
  11. Yea sure bro. Just tell me what they are as soon as youre done. Best of luck!
  12. Ok, tell me how many and Ill work it out.
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